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Application Examples,
Use Cases & Functions of our 3D Interior

Our Software for home designing is versatile and convinces with a large number of features. Using a few examples, we will show you how you can create 3D models, draw the floor plan or plan an extension with the spatial planner.

Read in and edit Show houses

Maybe you don´t have the right idea for your own dream home yet? Then just look at the list of show houses available to you in your 3D Hausplaner. You will find different variants from bungalows to gable roofs, from modern to rustic. Once you have found the right idea, open this show house, save it under a different name and change the show house as you wish.

Here you will find the appropriate video instructions

Draw & set up 3D buildings

Do you want to move into a new apartment and do not know whether your existing furnishings will fit or what it will look like? With the 3D CAD software Der Hausplaner you can import floor plans as image files and scale them. On the basis of the floor plan, you enter walls, doors and windows and the apartment can be displayed as a 3D model and you can paint walls, wallpaper and furnish the apartment in 3D as you see fit.

Here you will find the appropriate video instructions

Draw Floor Plan 2D & convert to 3D

If you want to draw a floor plan, then it is very easy, fast and above all dimensional accuracy! Take advantage of user-friendly input options of our 3D CAD software Der Hausplaner and check your input instantly on your 3D model. Due to our coordinate tracker it is very easy to enter the length dimensions, the direction is determined in advance with the mouse. Simple modification options complete an effective layout entry.

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A floor plan is usually changed several times. These changes are the result of discussions with the builders or later considerations for optimizing the rooms. The Easy-Edit tool in our 3D Hausplaner helps you to quickly implement the changes. Via the online dimensions in the rooms, floor plan changes are done lightning fast, just click on the dimension, enter a new dimension and all walls are moved.

Here you will find the appropriate video instructions

Planning an Extension

You have an existing building and need to draw an extension? Draw the existing house only as an outline. Your extension can then be designed precisely in the 3D CAD Der Hausplaner. Thanks to the flexible layer technology, it is easy to store the inventory on an extra layer and this layer can be shown and hidden as required. Thus, you always have an overview of your planned extension.

Our guide to Planning an Extension

Designing a rebuilding

It is wonderful to take over an old house and rebuild it according to your own wishes. But espacially with such a project, it is important to plan everything carefully in advance. With our 3D CAD software Der Hausplaner you get the necessary overview. With the option of dividing existing and new with the layer technique, you can look at and compare the before and after in detail. The 3D representation gives you a good feeling for the new house.

Our guide to Plan renovation of the house

3D Planning of a Single Family House

You want to build? Whether with existing plot of land or without. Create your design easily  in our 3D CAD software Der Hausplaner. You can work freely or in moderation. A basic height input is possible via the floor management. This allows you plan in 2D and immediately view and control your plans in 3D. With our Master Version, views and sections are created at the push of a button.

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Impressive views & sections

In our 3D CAD Der Hausplaner Master Version you are able to calculate automatic views and sections. These views can be displayed in different versions, black and white or colored, with or without shadows. If something changes in the planning, views and sections are updated at the push of a button. Of course, these representations can be supplemented with our 2D elements. Or they add 2D symbols like trees.

Here you will find the appropriate video instructions

Area Composer

Are you not only interested in planning, but also in data? In addition to the individual surfaces, which are shown immediately and automatically in the rooms, our 3D CAD software Der Hausplaner Master has the function to create an automatic area composition. In the space composition, living spaces, usable spaces or even volumes can be clearly displayed. Of course, these areas change immediately in the event of changes to the plan.

Here you will find the appropriate video instructions

Realistic Terrain modeling

You already have a plot of land and would like to plan/ design a house, which is adapted to the complex conditions of your plot on a hillside? Our 3D CAD software Der Hausplaner Master has extensive functions for you. Enter the original terrain using the original elevation points and model the projected terrain based on your existing home designing/ planning. View the ground and the house in 3D mode.

Here you will find the appropriate video instructions

Extensive Garden designing

Do you have an existing house with land and want to redesign your garden? With or without a 3D house input is of course, a garden design in 3D CAD Der Hausplaner possible. Use our components such as panels and enclosures or terraces and ppedestals to create. Decorate your garden with either 2D symbols or 3D objects according to your wishes. Our 3D bitmaps make your planning very realistic.

Our guide to Extensive Garden designing

Various Presentation Options

Do you want to show your floor plans, perspectives, cross sections and elevation views to other people or do you plan/ design a project for others? With the 3D Hausplaner Master Version it is possible to present the single plans in different ways. From the classic technical drawing (black and white) to the coloured representation, or just as a sketches – everything is possible with our 3D CAD Hausplaner. You can easily convert and present your planning at a push of a button. Of course there is also the way back and they continue to work in the technical view as usual.

Authentic 3D Visualization

Not just a picture but a model? Your project is ready and you want to print it – no problem. You can print all views of the project directly or save them as an image file. But the 3D CAD Der Hausplaner can do even more. In 3D mode we work with real-time shadows. These are calculated once and remain unchanged even if the model is moved or even changed. Present your project comfortably on the PC with stored points of view, it is easy and visually perfect.

Here you will find the appropriate video instructions

Virtual Video Tour

Do you want to walk arount the project and record it? Of course, this is possible with our 3D CAD Der Hausplaner Master. Whether it’s a flight around the house, which can be created automatically, or if you create the video sequences yourself by recording them when you move or enter the project on the screen – there´s no limit to your imagination! Easily save the sequences as AVI.

Here you will find the appropriate video instructions

Save as an internet object

Do you use our software 3D CAD Der Hausplaner for commercial purposes or do you have your own homepage where you would like to present your projects? This is not only possible in image or video form. The project can also be saved as an Internet object and displayed in its own player, which is available to you. In this player, every user can move around the project interactively, show and hide floors, wander through or look at the outside views.

Here you will find the appropriate video instructions

Design the garage according to your ideas

You can use out software to create a garage for your vehicle. Even extensive extensions with additional rooms (e.g. a small workshop) can be designed and visualized without problems.

Our guide to the garage

Bathroom designing: Create your feel-good oasis

Bathroom designing is possible intuitively with the tools of our software. Choose from a wide range of design options and create the bathroom of your dreams as a realistic 3D model to further your planning.

Our guide to bathroom designing

Planning to extend the roof

Are you planning to extend your living space with a roof extension? Then use the tools of our software and realize the planning of your roof construction. This will give you a quick impression of what your extended home might look like.

Our guide to roof extension

Designing & visualize a garden house

Designing a small house is on the to-do list for many garden owners. Our software provides you with the tools you need to plan a realistic garden house and visualize it in 3D.

Our guide to the garden house

The right recipe for your kitchen designing

Designing a new kitchen is a creative process in which our software is a great help. Create the kitchen of your dreams and see what is possible at home.

Our guide to kitchen designing

Outdoor feeling at any time of the year at the conservatory

The conservatory is a great retreat in the countryside. Now you can enter it if you use our tool and design a conservatory in 3D with our home designer software.

Our guide to the conservatory

Plan to add or build the balcony

Whether it´s an additional balcony or a redesign – with our software you can plan everything that comes to your mind. Use our intuitive interface to plan a balcony according to your ideas.

Our guide for the balcony

Create a terrace by mouse click

In terms of shape, material and size, you are spoilt for choice with a terrace. Try out different options now and discover how the different variants work out in realistic 3D rendering.

Our guide for the terrace

Design a dining room and enjoy with the family

The whole family gets together in the dining room. Try out many design options now and set up the dining room the way you want it to be. How about a little tour in the 3D view?

Our guide to the dining room

Plan the living room and visualize it directly

The floor plan is in place, but the possibilities are still limitless. Design a living room and involve your whole family in the process so that everyone feels comfortable at the end.

Our guide to the living room

Designing a children´s room together with the next generation

Is there a new generation? Or is it time for your daughter or son to get a bigger room? Our software is ideally suited for planning the children´s room for any new or redesign.

Our guide to the children´s room

Carport design with various extension options

Plan your carport and decide for yourself whether it should be free-standing or need to have a connection with the house. You also have complete freedom of choice with regard to materials, other premises and other details

Our guide to the carport

It goes up with your staircase designing

Use our software to design a staircase that combines utility and visual requirements. With just a few mouse clicks you can visualize and compare different variants in 3D.

Our guide for staircase designing

Help & Support


Small application videos help with familiarization and you can find tips and tricks for quick planning or tricky detailed questions – the collection is constantly being expanded

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Quick guides

These descriptions are especially helpful for detailed questions. Have a look every now and then, we respond to user requests and continuously create new instructions.

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If you have any questions during familiarization, our FAQ page is the first address. There you will find many frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.

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Should you not find help with a problem, our specialist staff will be happy to help. You purchase a support ticket and can then ask your question. The answer will come as soon as possible.

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