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Design a balcony – in 2D and 3D with our smart software

A balcony offers the possibility to expand your own four walls by an outdoor area. Many properties are not yet equipped with a balcony and so you only have the possibility to make an extension.

Thanks to our intelligent 3D Hausplaner Software, you do not need the help of an architect in the first planning phase but can plan the balcony yourself on your own computer. Find out now how our innovative software supports you and what you must consider when designing your balcony.


Design your own balcony – approval as the most important condition

Structural changes, such as the addition of a balcony, are subject to certain regulations. The balcony changes the look of your building, but also casts shadows that may arise, a prior discussion with the neighbours concerned is crucial. Even if you could lay it on a legal dispute, for example, by submitting building permits, that´s the inelegant solution.

In practice, involving neighbours in the designing process and explaining in detail what changes are planned has proven successful. In this way, concerns and fears of neighbours can be taken into account and optimally dispelled. A written agreement from your neighbours makes it easier for you to accept the agreement from the building authority, and the procedure is speeded up.

Plan your balcony with a software – different types of balconies in comparison

Before start planning the details, it is necessary to select a type of balcony. Be sure to wait for the building permit before creating your 3D plan. Then you know exactly which specifications you have to comply with and which distances you have to take into account. You can choose between three types of balconies:

  • The simplest variant is a projection balcony: you can build such a balcony almost entirely yourself with a little craftsmanship and solid planning. Projection balconies are built on a scaffolding and have a supporting structure consisting of four pillars. Despite mounting on the façade, the main load is on the support beam. This allows you not only a more individual designing, but also optimal static conditions. It should be noted that the pillars could become a potential nuisance for neighbours.
  • The statically most complex variant is the self-supporting balcony: self-supporting means that this type of balcony is not supported by supporting pillars but mounted directly on the facade. The floor ceiling must carry the total weight of the balcony, so a static assessment is required in most cases. Self-construction is not possible here since the attachment must be carried out under consideration of all static conditions of highly complex machines.
  • A combination of both methods is the extension balcony: in recent years, extension balconies have become more and more popular, as they combine the positive aspects of the projection balcony and the self-supporting balcony. Only two support pillars are needed to avoid putting the entire load on the floor. For older buildings, this is an advantage if the statics of the free model would be too heavily loaded. You will only receive a permit for this type of construction if you commission a specialist company to build it.

Our software offers the possibility to plan your balcony on your own computer, taking into account all your wishes. It is also possible to distinguish between the different types of balconies. For working with specialist companies, a precisely drawn up plan can be very helpful, because a finished 3D model makes the best of your wishes and makes the implementation much easier for the craftsmen.

Design a balcony – the alignment is very important

If you have chosen a type of balcony, the location of the extension will also be important when drawing up your plan. If you design the balcony yourself, you should choose the right location before the exact design. It is a fundamental decision because the building is going to be changed visually. Be sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each cardinal direction.

  • The north balcony: North balconies are a real source of recreation for hot days, because here it is always cool and shady. The lack of direct sunlight also changes the choice of possible balcony plants. Use our intelligently usable software to show you the exact course of the day of the sun and the influences on your balcony design.
  • The south balcony: for sun lovers, the south balcony is a good choice, because here the sun shines almost permanently. In summer, however, this can become a problem. If you want to plan the balcony yourself, consider a possible sun protection in the form of awnings or generous umbrellas.
  • The east balcony: a very popular type of balcony is the east balcony because it offers plenty of sun in the morning, you can enjoy whole days here even in high summer.
  • The western balcony: western balconies are in the shade in the morning but are exposed to sunlight in the afternoon. The advantage is that you can still enjoy sunbathing after work. The drawback can be seen in summer, when the afternoon sun creates a lot of heat, making it too hot for sensitive people. Use our planning software to integrate a sunscreen.

Design the balcony yourself – take the necessary time

If you have made the decision to add a balcony, the desire for a quick implementation is understandable. Nevertheless, you should not skip a step and prefer to take a little more time. Many people resort to a kit that attaches a simple balcony to the facade or to supports. The individuality of your personal needs is completely lost.

The decision for a balcony is long-term because the design of the house is changed sustainably. Use our Hausplaner software to try out different designs and find out which balcony type suits you best. You will find that it is not a witchcraft to plan the balcony yourself and that our software can be used without any prior knowledge.

An innovative user interface and numerous tutorials and aids make it possible for you to plan a balcony on your own at home, which you can even walk in a 3D model together with your family. Thanks to the solid plan created by you, the implementation is then only a formality for your craftsmen.

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