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Design the children´s room yourself – possible with prior knowledge

To design the children´s room is a matter of the heart, because the kids should have all things, they need to be happy. But sometimes that can lead to overloading! So many possibilities, so many options – where do you start the best?

Our 3D Hausplaner software supports you to design your desired project according to your individual needs and create a virtual walk-in 3D object. The best part is that you don´t need any prior knowledge to operate the innovative interface.


Design the children´s room yourself – first step is the room selection

When redesigning an existing child´s room, you already know the basic conditions. If you move into a new building, the work starts with the choice of the right room. A child lives most of his childhood in this room, plays and sleeps in it and the demands placed on the rooms are correspondingly high. Please consider the following criteria to choose the right space for your offspring:

  • Proximity to the parent´s bedroom: Depending on the child´s age, it may be important that the distance between the parent’s bedroom and the children´s bedroom is as small as possible. While teens appreciate a certain distance, small children feel safer when their parents are close. For you, too, the short distance has advantages, because if you have to get up at night, you can reduce the ways through the house.
  • Quietness in the child´s room: smaller children usually go to bed much earlier than their parents and accordingly the room should be in a quiet environment. Directly next to the parents´ living room, the noise pollution caused by the TV or conversations is too high. Also the bathroom is not the ideal neighboring place, because here the toilet flushing might interfere. If possible, the orientation of the children´s room should move away from the street, as traffic noise can be a nuisance for small people.
  • Light conditions in the children´s room: While children prefer to play outside in summer, autumn and winter are real children´s room days. Accordingly, it is important that the lighting conditions and in particular the daylight supply are taken into account when designing. Our 3D program helps you to simulate the influence of the sun on space. The north side is unsuitable, because here the room is rather dark and doesn´t get any sun. 
  • The size of the children´s room: the size of the room should also play a role when planning the children´s room. While a baby spends most of his time in his crib, the space requirements of older children increase. Is there enough room for friends to stay overnight? Is there enough space, to transform the room into a teen´s room later?

If you design a children´s room, do it step by step

While children stand in front of the shelves in the toy store with their mouth open, many parents have a similar effect when it comes to the furnishing of the children´s room. But before taking this step, you should first create a storey plan of the room. Our software makes this possible for you with just a few clicks. If you need help with the operation, there are numerous videos and tutorials with tips and tricks available.

The storey plan, created in 2D, is your frame for further furnishing. If the child is already old enough, he or she can decide on the wall and floor design to a certain extent. The floor is one of the most important elements, because it has to meet more demands in the children´s room than in any other room of the house.

  • The hygiene factor: children eat, lie down and play on the floor – it must therefore be easy to clean
  • The cosiness factor: when reading, lying on the floor or playing with friends – the floor must radiate warmth
  • The safety factor: children love to romp and run, so slippery floors are no option for the children´s room

Once the wall and floor design has been selected, it finally goes to the heart of the children´s room! The furnishings are essential for a comfortable, practical, but also loving feel-good room, which paves the way for your child to life. Always keep in mind the time that the young generation spends in their room. It is not only about sleeping at night, but also about doing homework, playing with friends, arguing with parents and many other chapters of young life.

Sleeping and living room in one – designing the children´s room becomes a challenge

If you design a child´s room yourself, set up two rooms in one. This is where your child should live, but also sleep. It can seem particularly complicated if the premises are not particularly large. Our CAD program offers many possibilities for help. Intelligent furniture allows you to create space that doesn´t exist at first glance.

Very popular, for example, is the use of bunk beds, which offer more space instead of a second sleeping place under the actual bed. Here the desk for homework can be accommodated, but there is also the possibility to build cupboards.

However, as the furniture selection is very diverse, our program can simplify your decision. Before you make expensive purchases and realize that the furniture doesn´t match the furnishings, just try it in a virtual way. In 3D mode, you can create a walk-in model, which gives you a real impression of the finished nursery. So, you can immediately see whether the extra table in the children´s room really makes sense or whether a combination of desk and utility table is the better solution.

Planning the children´s room – make special arrangements for infants and babies

The planning for an infant must take special circumstances into account. The safety aspect comes into play, because an infant quickly becomes a toddler and then sharp edges, windows and sockets must be secured. Already at the designing stage, pay attention to which furniture and textiles could become a trap and always think a few years ahead.

While the baby rests safely in his crib and cannot fall, the toddler also climbs a crib in a few seconds. Is there enough distance to the windowsill so that the young can´t put themselves in danger? Vary with our tools until you have designed a safe and attractive child´s room for your darling.

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