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Design the kitchen yourself – simply possible on you own computer

The kitchen is more than just a place to cook, here people live, laugh, work. An optimized kitchen design ensures more efficiency and fun in the production of different dishes and in the storage of food.

With our 3D Hausplaner software you can design your kitchen yourself, easily on your own computer. Find out how you can get the best support with 2D and 3D editing when implementing your individual wishes.


A storey plan as a basis for the ideal kitchen design

Before you can go into detail with the designing of your kitchen, you need an exact storey plan of the premises. Do you still have such a plan? Then you can simply upload it and integrate it into the software. But even without a storey plan, you can design your kitchen yourself, because the 2D design function allows you to create it with just a few mouse clicks.

It is crucial that you enter exact measurements, the rest will be done by our program for you. Set the height and thickness of the walls and create the framework for the detailed planning and implementation of the kitchen dreams. Of course, you can integrate all permanently installed components as well as power and water pipes into the storey plan to take them into account in the kitchen design.

Design the kitchen yourself – how to measure correctly

Thanks to our 3D Hausplaner software, you don´t have to worry about transferring the data to paper, but you have to be careful when measuring. Not every kitchen consists of a simple square room, angles, corners and heating pipes play a big role. It has proven its worth to work with an electronic measuring device, because it shows you exact measurements and ensures that later you don´t buy wrong furniture due to incorrect measurements.

When building a new building, it is also important that you calculate the required installations. Measure the exact position of power lines, sockets, pipes and water connections to correctly position the height of your kitchen furniture and any recesses.

Detailed furnishing according to your wishes

Walking through a furniture store will show you exemplary kitchens, which are not based on the size of your premises. Depending on the size of the room, the same kitchen may seem ideal in one place, but inappropriate in the other. Here, our software helps you to consider your individual room size and other conditions, so that you can create a realistic 3D model and make a virtual walk through the rooms.

In our database you will find countless 3D objects that you can use to set up and optimize the design. Live out your creativity and let different styles work on you. If you are unsure about the positioning and selection of furniture, you can just experiment and see in 3D mode which design really suits your kitchen and your need.

Choice of material and style if you want to design the kitchen yourself

Many houses and apartments are rented today with an already existing fitted kitchen. The functionality is right, but in this case the design often doesn´t correspond to the wishes of the tenant or buyer. If you want to make your own kitchen dream come true, the planning starts with the creation of the furniture. Prefabricated kitchen or self-made? One of the most important questions, besides the choice of materials. When it comes to materials, you can not only focus on the look, but also on the properties.

Following materials are popular and can be the right choice for you, depending on your budget:

  • Full wood kitchen for the upscale budget: a complete kitchen design made of solid wood is around two thirds more expensive, yet durable and high-quality. Once designed, you can live with this type of kitchen for ten years or more without your kitchen appearing worn out and old. Solid wood is extremely robust and resilient and can be individually designed.
  • Synthetic material kitchens for the small budget: if your budget must be protected, synthetic elements come into consideration. They are considered cheap, but also less durable. To increase the visual value of the synthetic material kitchen, you can integrate elements such as stainless steel or glass. Combinations of synthetic and real wood are also possible, for more stability.

Design the kitchen yourself on your own computer and try different kitchen types

Besides the choice of materials, you will also be faced with the decision between different types of kitchens.

  • the classic models are:
  • the single-line kitchen
  • the two-line kitchen
  • the L – kitchen
  • the G – kitchen
  • the U – kitchen

If you are not yet sure which kitchen design suits your premises, you can try out with our program how the implementation of a model works in practice. It is often only based on a plastic representation that it is possible to decide whether the room has enough capacity for an island kitchen or whether there is enough space for it.

The classics are the one- and two-line kitchens, which are used in smaller rooms. The single-line model only requires the designing of a wall, the second side is often used as a free space, e.g. for tables. Narrow kitchens benefit from this choice.

If you want to know if your premises are also suitable for a two-line kitchen, you can use our designing software to place a second row of furniture and take an effect to you as a 3D model. The choice between a single or a two-line kitchen is often a few centimetres of space. Too narrow kitchens look very cramped by the second line, here it is worth looking twice.

Plan all furnishing components including lightning

Light is an important element in the kitchen because without lighting it is not fun to cook. It has often been shown that a well-equipped kitchen without detailed implementation of one´s wishes leads to less enjoyment of preparing food and to the kitchen only in case of need.

Our software supports you to design the kitchen down to the smallest detail, including the integration of direct and indirect light sources. When you use the work surface, the ceiling light is often less important, here indirect lighting elements below the top cabinets have proven their worth.

Design your kitchen yourself, using natural light, but also the different corners and angles to ensure the best possible lighting. If you feel comfortable in your kitchen, the fun of active work in this important space automatically increases.

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