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Design the living room yourself – possible with CAD software without prior knowledge

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the whole house, because this is where the family gathers, where you enjoy the evening after work, where you “live”. Sometimes it´s time to completely redesign a living room, for example, when the old furniture has been in place for far too long. Just buying random pieces of furniture usually doesn´t have a satisfactory result.

With our 3D Hausplaner software you can design your own living room and try out numerous interior designs. Find out now how the software can turn your wishes into reality.


The right space is crucial when designing the living room itself

When you move into a new building, it is not uncommon for the question to arise as to which room should be used as a living room in the first place. A rule of thumb is that it should always be the largest room in the house, but this is not the only criterion. In addition, a decisive role is played by the lighting conditions, which you should always take into account, when designing the living room. For the feel-good factor and save energy costs, it is important that sufficient daylight is provided.

However, also pay attention to the orientation of your new living room, because it is responsible for sun exposure:

  • South-facing living rooms: south-facing living rooms are the most exposed to sunlight, which can create a need for blackout options in the summer. Also keep in mind that adequate thermal insulation is important to prevent the living room from overheating.
  • North-facing living rooms: North-facing living rooms are hardly illuminated by the sun, but this can make them look too dark in places, especially in winter. Large window fronts are a must if you plan a living room with northern exposure.
  • East and west living room: the western orientation of the living room provides sunlight in the afternoon. The advantage is that you have enough daylight in the living room even after work. The disadvantage is that the room can heat up a lot in summer, because the afternoon sun is warmer. East-facing living rooms are lit by the sun in the morning but are no longer in direct radiation in the afternoon.

Design the living room yourself step by step

If you have an empty living space in front of you, you should do the furnishing and design step by step. Although it is tempting to look at sofas and living room walls right now, the first step is the design of the floor is relevant. Basically, you can choose from different elements, all of which bring your advantages and disadvantages:

  • Tile floor in the living room: it is easy to clean, durable and provides a cool design. Tile flooring is at its best in large living rooms, but quickly misses the warm, cozy feeling. The disadvantage is that it radiates cold, and in the winter to walk on it can be felt unpleasant. Therefore, such floors are recommended only in the presence of underfloor heating.
  • Parquet and laminate flooring in the living room: parquet or laminate flooring is one of the classics in the living room furnishings, as it has a neutral, yet warm and cozy effect. Parquet is significantly more expensive to purchase than laminate, but it is also more durable. Use our software to view the effect of different wood types in the visualized 3D model. 
  • Carpet in the living room: in the 1990s, carpet in the living room was standard, but nowadays fixed carpet is less common. For households with pets and children, carpets are a hygiene trap, because they can easily get dirty. Better suited are exposed carpets, which can be taken to the cleaners if they are very dirty.
  • PVC in the living room: even though PVC is one of the cheapest types of flooring around, it doesn´t do well in the living room. The plastic surface can be installed in various designs, but always looks cooler than a wooden floor and is more easily damaged.

With the 3D Hausplaner software, you can virtually install different floors and patterns to find out what suits best your personal taste. Combine wood floors with your desired wall design or create changes if you don´t like the overall look.

The wall designing as an important element for the living room

The walls in the living room serve not only to enclose the space, but very often to decorate it. Living walls and wall cabinets find their place here, decorations and pictures like to hang on the wall. The 3D software makes it possible for you to see the effect of certain wall coverings, giving you the opportunity to plan your living room yourself without ending up making the wrong colour choice.

The problem of working with colour palettes is that a colour looks completely different on the wall than it does in the catalogue. In practice, dark tones can lead to the fact that the room is visually reduced, whereas monochromatic light tones often make the ambience look brittle and boring. Try to design different patterns until the living room plan fits exactly to your wishes.

Also pay attention to the structure of the walls when it comes to designing the furniture. If you want to mount wall cabinets on the wall, it must be a stable and load-bearing wall. Partition walls, which were drawn in Styrofoam panels, are not suitable for supporting pictures, decorations or even cabinets.

Designing the perfect living room yourself with different variants

IN the furniture store, the dark sofa looks impressive and cozy, but then in your own living room it seems like a much too big block. Many people have such experiences when furnishing their new living room, as individual elements are only gradually put together to form an overall picture. By using our 3D software, you have the opportunity to enter your living room before the implementation of the plans and see for yourself the effect of the selected furniture.

You are unsure whether the new couch should rather be ordered in a soft creamy white or a dark anthracite? Get inspired by simply trying out both variants with our software. Once the sofa is virtually on the wall, you will quickly see what colour and shape ideally suit your premises. To design a living room itself depends not only on the fact that all the chosen furniture will suit your gusto, but also that the layout and size of the room will harmonize with your furniture.

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