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Plan/Design now the bathroom of your dreams in 3D

The bathroom is a well-being oasis and a very important save heaven of every house. Here you can do the essentials, but also enjoy your privacy with a relaxing bath. The desire to redesign the bathroom is often closely linked to the desire for more well-being.

Now you can become the designer of your new bathroom. Our 3D Hausplaner Software is your assistant to design your bathroom – according to your wishes and preferences. Find out now how our Software will support you!


No prior knowledge necessary – design your bathroom in 2D and 3D

The designing is the most important thing in construction of your perfect bathroom and therefore our software can support you. Simply create the floorplan in 2D mode without prior knowledge and thus you have the perfect preconditions for your planning. Select and adapt the existing walls and installations they should not move or change in the new building.
The floorplan is the basis of your bathroom and automatically guides you to progress. In chase that you have an existing floorplan of your bathroom as a file on your computer you can skip the step and start designing straight away.

Design a bathroom according to your wishes

To design a bathroom yourself means, that you can adapt your wishes and ideas and have a virtual walk-in 3D object before construction. From the selection of the desired tiles to details such as the permanently installed soap dispenser, you can plan precisely and in detail, that thus nothing can go wrong during the construction.

Our software offers the possibility, that you can have a virtual walk-in in your designed bathroom to detect (almost) live on site, which designing errors have crept in and where there may be a need for optimization. The advantage is, that construction errors are expensive, but designing errors are free of charge and you can correct them directly on your computer.

The most important step is the efficient planning, if you want to design your bathroom yourself and make your bathroom dream come true. You don´t need any prior architectural knowledge to use our software, but you can easily venture ahead step by step thanks to the ideal menu navigation and numerous operating videos.

Take time to design your bathroom

Time pressure is one of the biggest problems of our time, which most often leads to construction defects. Once you have decided on a new wellness oasis, take the time needed for effective planning.

When work and designing steps are carried out under pressure, errors creep in, which in the worst-case result in substantial follow-up costs. Electronics and water meet in the bathroom, which is why extreme caution is required, especially when installing electrical and sanitary equipment.

Ideally, set up a schedule in advance that not only fits your planning, but also leaves enough buffer for any intermediate steps. Before you start, you should create a bathroom plan that includes all the important steps for your desired bathroom.

This includes:

  • desired materials (tiles, windows, sanitary facilities)
  • special features (fully accessible, barrier-free shower)
  • available budget (maximum costs, border)
  • fix components (existing sanitary facilities, walls)
  • wishes of your family (with your family together designed draft)

After you have written down all important points, take one to two days the time to think about all the things. Only then you start to visualize your plans step by step.

Our Hausplaner Software is the best choice, because it offers you a large catalogue of numerous individual components and shows you how your thoughts can look in reality.

Design your own bathroom? Following points are very important!

If you plan a bathroom for the first time and start at the beginning, face any difficulties in choosing. Just a glance at the available tiles shows how big the choice is you must make. Small tiles? Bis tiles? Tiled up to the ceiling or only to half?

With a 3D model you can realistically see what your designing might look like in real life. Following points should be considered when planning your bathroom design, thus you are not overwhelmed by too much choice:

  • The colour wishes: By applying different colour effects, you can see whether your desired color provides a pleasant ambience not only on paper but also on the wall.
  • Tiles and their functionality: The tiles in the bathroom are one of the most important thing, because they protect the wall from penetrating moisture. Even if you select plain white tiles, you can generate significant effects with the choice of sizes and joints. In the 3D model, you can immediately see how individual effects change the overall image.
  • Light effects: You need more light sources in your bathroom. Mirror areas must be optimally illuminated, but indirect light is just as important for peace and tranquillity. It is also crucial that all installations are protected from moisture and splashing water.
  • The practical use: A bathroom is used for well-being but should nevertheless bring a practical benefit. If you design your bathroom yourself, you can create optimal cleaning possibilities and take care that all family members can reach the toilette, wash basins and all other single elements of the room.
  • Design fully accessible: Even at a young age, it is not wrong to think about “the worst case” in one´s own home. A fully accessible bathroom gives you the security to still use your bathroom facilities, in chase of a handicap or in older age.

Design your bathroom in advance and after let it be implemented

Before you start building and due to hectic and unconsidered planning, you can develop a first draft with our bathroom designer software, which you can also discuss with a professional.

In many cases, your own bathroom design is very feasible, especially if a 3D plan is available. Communicating your own wishes to a bathroom planner can cause some difficulties. Our software supports you to transform your wishes into a realistic model and thus show your craftsmen exactly what matters to you in your new wellness oasis.

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