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Design your own dining room – simply possible on the computer

Sometimes the conditions of life change, the children move out, a move is about to take place and suddenly there is enough space for a dining room in your own house. Before you need an expensive designing with an architect, get to know our 3D Hausplaner software.

This gives you the opportunity to design your own dining room in 2D and 3D optics, taking into account all your individual wishes. Whether large or small rooms, whether gigantic table or cosy corner, amateurs and professionals can fulfil their living dream with our software.


Designing the dining room yourself – what does it matter?

Living room, bedroom, bathroom – these are all classic rooms that can be found in almost every home. The dining room plays a special role, and many people are faced with the question: What does it take for a successful dining room? First, you are completely free in the design because the tastes are, as you know, different. Whether a decent dining area for the family or a dining room, which can also be used for larger parties, depends entirely on your wishes.

Our designing software helps you to visualize your wishes. This is particularly useful if you don´t yet have a specific plan in mind. In the first step, create a floor plan of the premises and then start experimenting.

The software gives you access to thousands of virtual furnishings that you can place and remove to your heart´s content. This allows you to get close to the creation of a plan without any additional costs. The investment in a home designer software is in most cases much cheaper for you than the professional planning with an architect. Nevertheless, the result is a high-quality 3D model, which serves as a template for implementation.

Different Types – design the dining room itself according to style

If you don´t have the right idea for designing your dining room, choosing a certain style may be helpful. In this way, you can already restrict the selection of pieces of furniture and make designing easier for you. Dining rooms are very often furnished in the following styles:

  • Modern dining room: A modern dining room is clearly defined, has few frills and loos rather minimalist. It is perfect when costs need to be kept in mind. Smaller rooms are also suitable for a modern dining room, since only a few pieces of furniture are placed here. Try out with our software how decorative elements can loosen up the basic equipment.
  • Country house style dining room: Even in the 21st century, the country house style is one of the popular traditions. It is characterized by a high-quality wooden furniture and its overall rustic look White dishes and linen tablecloths are just part of the country house dining room. Benches, cornflowers, and wood dominate the look and make the dining room a warm, cosy place.
  • The Scandinavian dining room: the Scandinavian living style is becoming more and more popular, it is simple but very cosy. Wood and white colours dominate, but accents are also set in colourful tones. This dining room style is ideally suited in rooms with wide window fronts or angular bay windows. Here, the ambience adapts particularly harmoniously to the overall picture.
  • The extravagant dining room: If you are bored with the classic, a fancy dining room can fulfil your wishes. Such spaces are characterized by a seemingly arbitrary style mix, which impresses with glass, metal and wood elements. Our software makes it possible for you to try out and view different style breaks directly in the 3D object.

Clear lines make it easier to design the dining room on the computer

The fewer ideas and structures there are, the more complex the plan of the dining room becomes. So that you don´t despair if you want to design your own dining room, stick to a five-step plan. Take a step-by-step approach to avoid getting confused with the many elements, but to create a solid and actionable plan.

Choosing the floor: The basic requirement for a harmonious and easy -to-maintain dining room is the floor. You can try out different floor coverings in the 3D model to find out what you like. If there is already a floor covering that is of good quality, you should build on it. Carpets are unsuitable, as the hygiene factor decreases due to falling food.

The design of the walls: Are the walls already painted and shouldn´t be changed? Then you can skip this step when designing the dining room yourself. However, if you want to paint or wallpaper, you should come up with a colour concept that suits your taste. Plain coloured walls are often a bit dull, light accents increase the friendliness of the room.

The choice of furniture: The furnishing of the dining room is a decisive and stylistic factor. Furniture may already be available that can be integrated into the new space. When you buy a new product, plan your needs first. How much seating area is required? Do you need storage space for dishes? Which installations can possibly be made (wall cabinets)?

The design of the light: Light plays a significant role in the dining room, because a pleasant ambience is the prerequisite for culinary enjoyment. Also keep in mind that the large dining table is sometimes used for common games evenings or sometimes to check the children´s homework. A ceiling light is just as important as indirect light, which makes a romantic evening with red wine and pasta possible.

Let your own creativity play when designing the dining room

Design the dining room for you and your family, perhaps to remove the small dining area from the kitchen, perhaps to bring the extended family to a table more often. Dining together is a symbol of harmony, so you and your family should really feel comfortable in designed dining room.

Pre-planning with all stakeholders has proved to be very effective. Collect the ideas of your family members and try out some furnishing ideas spontaneously with our software. Once you have created a 3D model, you can get a virtual impression of the overall picture and then decide which piece of furniture really suits you.

A prerequisite is always the floor plan of the room, which can be created in 2D mode with a few mouse clicks. Then you can plan and design to your heart´s content until you have a workable plan for your new dining room. This model is also ideally suited as a template for craftsmen.

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