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Designing a rebuilding: create a model independently on the computer

If the circumstances of life change, a renovation of the house may also be necessary. Whether a change of the premises or a stylistic reorientation, there are enough reasons for a renovation and with our 3D Hausplaner software you can plan your rebuilding yourself, even without any previous architectural knowledge.

The intuitive user interface is suitable for amateurs and largely self-explanatory. Numerous videos also make it easier for you to create a 3D model according to your wishes. Find out how our software can help you design the renovation and quickly move through your dream home.


Design the rebuilding yourself – the storey plan is the basis

Before moving the 3D level, you need a storey plan of the current property. With our program you can create a 2D storey plan and edit it directly. If you already have a storey plan, simply integrate it into the software and start editing. It is important that you specify the correct dimensions, even the smallest deviations may cause your 3D model not to correspond to realistic conditions.

Therefore, if you are unsure about the storey plan, get the exact measurements, because this is the only way to plan a correct and feasible rebuilding. Thanks to our editors, you will then can integrate all the features of your house, from terrace to balconies, to garden houses and ponds to create a photo-realistic image of your future house.

Old or new building – you have to keep this in mind when rebuilding

Renewing the own four walls – there can be many good reasons for this. However, before you get down to work and design your own renovation, you should find out the status of your house. From a building law point of view, it matters whether you want to rebuild an old building or a new building. But when is a house an old building? Here we go according to tenancy law and therefore the date of construction of the house is decisive. If your property was built before 30.06.1953, it is considered an old building for the sake of form. If it was built after this date, you are the owner of a new building.

The exact day-to-day figure was created because the building law changed significantly on that date. When you design to rebuild a new building, you come across different materials and don´t expect any big surprises in terms of the building´s structure. on the other hand, if you want to design a renovation of your old building yourself, you may come across asbestos boards, which are used very often before the cut-off date. Asbestos is currently harmful to health, so you will have to make repairs and a complete replacement if you come across it. This must be considered in your individual budget planning.

Designing a rebuilding in the old building – observe requirements of authorities

Of course, you can also design the rebuilding in the old building yourself, our Hausplaner software helps you to create a realistic 3D object and thus find out if your design really suits your taste in practice. Before you start drawing up plans, however, you must consult with the building authority or the cadastral authority.

Under construction law, it is possible that your old building property falls under official protection, which could limit the plans for the renovation. In such a case, you can plan a renovation, but you must comply with all requirements of the authorities.

Another important factor before drawing up the plans for your renovation is the knowledge about the building substance. Older houses find it difficult to assess the building structure correctly and can therefore lead to surprising problems during renovation. If you nevertheless decide to do so and want to plan your own renovation, a building survey may be recommended. In this way, you know exactly which substance are to be expected and can orient your material procurement and your individual designing accordingly.

Include the plot when designing the renovation

A rebuilding can mean a simple renovation or redesign of the interior, but it can also be a complete renovation of the property. If you design the rebuilding yourself, you need to consider existing land boundaries that may not have been taken into account with the current property. Fifty years ago, borders were less regulated by law and there was rarely any review. Since then, many specifications have changed, so it is important to first ask the building authority about existing land boundaries and specifications.

Unauthorized alterations can cause you to be forced to demolish, causing significant costs and rendering the entire work obsolete. Therefore, you should always start designing only when you know all the conditions and all the regulations. With our software you can then create a remodelling plan that includes exactly all property boundaries. After completing the work, you can take a virtual tour and have your new plan shown in a visualized 3D view.

Parallel work in 2D and 3D on the rebuilding

When creating a storey plan using the 2D mode and thus you can use it for the designing of the whole rebuilding plan. Every reform in 3D-mode gets automatically saved that you can work parallel and to be able to edit. You can choose between different storeys, view any elements or make single views according to particular areas.

Our simple to use control offers the possibility to move in an uninhibited manner in your project. Invite your family members to have a virtual walk-in at your designed rebuilding or take a look at the object from bird´s eye view.

During the designing you will immediately notice whether your wishes and needs are really can really be put into practice. Most of the time fantasy and reality  are not be compareable and an imagined rebuilding appears completely different in the representation. With our 3D software you can make changes in time, before you have start your project. This way you know in advance what you are getting into and you don´t have to make further changes in the end because you made a mistake in the design, or you don´t like the original wishes once you have been made.

Are you unsure how to plan your rebuilding? With hundreds of elements, our software gives you the ability to design, save, discard and re-plan designs until you are satisfied with the result.

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