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Designing roof extension – possible on your own with the 3D Hausplaner

For a long time, the attic was primarily an additional storage space for items that were not constantly needed. Drying rooms for laundry were also standard in the attic. The existing living space is becoming increasingly scarce and the roof extension offers you the opportunity to generate more living space without having to change the size of your property.

Attic extensions becoming more and more common in single family house and multiple-family dwellings and thanks to our 3D Hausplaner software you can create the perfect plan even on your computer.


Design the roof extension yourself – the floor plan is decisive

Before you can start designing your roof construction, you need a floor plan of your original house. In particular, the attic itself is decisive. If you already have a finished floor plan, you can upload it to our software and start immediately with the next planning step.

If you don´t have a current floor plan yet, you can create it yourself in no time with our 2D design program. You don´t need any prior knowledge because our software offers you all the support you need.

Important to create a solid floor plan, you need the exact dimensions of your house. Tiny errors in the adoption of the dimensions can confuse the entire designing and cause significant follow-up costs.

Design is not the only thing that decides when designing roof

The design and look of your extension is the top of your entire designing, but first there are important facts that need to be taken into consideration. The roof extension is not just one way you can generate more living space. You also have the opportunity to provide for a changed heat supply to integrate more energy efficiency. For your personal designing, roof insulation is of great importance, because it influences the entire further expansion. Before you plan your roof extension, you need to find out about the different types of insulation possible. Three variants are used when you design your roof extension.

  • The cold roof: With a cold roof, the roof is insulated by an integrated rear ventilation system, which removes moisture from the interior of the building. In particular, the cold roof is a very efficient option to prevent mould formation.
  • The warm roof: A warm roof is characterized by a direct integration of the insulation below the roof skin, ventilation does not take place. Moisture generated in the house must be dissipated elsewhere, but the construction of a warm roof is much easier.
  • Reversing Roofs: Reversing roofs are rarely used, because here the thermal insulation is applied directly to the roof. In winter you don´t feel any difference here, but in summer the temperatures under the roof are on average 1-2 degrees above rooms with a warm roof.

Design your individual roof extension yourself

Before you start designing your expansion, you may need a building permit from your local building authority. Inform yourself in advance and bring all documents, that the plan can continue to be implemented. If you can adjust the height and structural specifications, they can be integrated directly into the personal designing of your roof extensions.

The type of the roof also plays a significant role. Not only the insulation, but also the construction method can be flexibly defined in our tool. Thanks to easy operation, you can switch between different roof types and choose the roof that best suits your needs.

Thanks to a variety of control elements, you can create smooth transitions between the existing building and the newly planned roof construction. Create the required components easily with our software and integrate them into the plan. Using the 3D visualization, you can walk around your object virtually and find out if the imagined roof extension plans match the idea or if you would like to make further changes.

Skilfully integrate windows and openings

If the attic is no longer used only as a storage room, the integration of windows and ventilation is also very decisive. Please also take into account the weather conditions. South sides are heavily exposed to sunlight during the day, while north sides remain cooler. You can take this knowledge into account when designing roof extensions, for example to relocate the bedrooms generally to the cooler part of the house. 

With our realistic 3D view, you can simulate all local conditions and determine which elements you need to consider when building windows. An effective and efficient roof extension can help you save energy costs by making the best use of the available conditions.

Plan and design your own roof fittings

When the basic structure is in place, ask yourself of how to set it up. Usually there is already a basic plan for what the new rooms are to be used for. You also have the option to make individual designs with our Hausplaner software and to be photorealistic how your plans work and work in realisation. This way, you can quickly identify if further plans or changes are useful for individual areas and can talk to your craftsmen about all the circumstances in advance.

The great advantage of planning your own roof fittings is that you can realize your personal wishes in a visual form. Even if you discuss exactly what you are imagining with your architect or client, a 3D model is always the best solution. For professionals, it is much easier to implement your requirements in detail if you have been able to visualize them beforehand.

The risk that you will not like the practical implementation in the end and that you will have to pay for remodelling work can be reduced by the detailed designing. With the roof fitting design, you are given all the options you need for your individual dream house. Whether to increase energy efficiency or create new living spaces, our easy-to-use software is your partner for your future view from the roof window.

Lower costs because faster construction possible!

The budget for construction projects is almost always limited somewhere and additional costs can be a real burden. You can save additional costs by using our software and creating a detailed plan. Even before construction starts, you can determine which materials are needed for your plans and calculate an exact cost estimate. If costs are too high, you can reduce them by making changes.

Since you can procure the required materials in advance, the construction time is reduced in parallel with the richness of detail of your design. Expansion work in your own house should of course be finished as soon as possible because of the noise pollution, so our software is worthwhile here too.

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