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Designing your own conservatory – the oasis for your own home

Surrounded by plants and idyllic furnishings, you can enjoy every winter evening and admire the snow outside without freezing. With your own conservatory, a dream comes true, an extension that brings happiness to your own home.

Let your creativity run wild and find out how our 3D Hausplaner software can support you plan and design your conservatory.


Designing your own conservatory – the building permit as a first step

If you are planning a conservatory, this is a fundamental change to your house. Such a plan must therefore be approved by the building authority before you deal with the details. A conservatory can not only increase the floor area of the house, but also have an influence on the statics.

There are minimum official distances that you have to consider when designing. If you carry out a modification or extension without permission, it may be considered as creating an illegal structure. In this case, you would have to demolish the conservatory again, which would cost you money and effort. Therefore, first submit the required application to the building authority and if you have received a positive decision, continue designing the details.

An exact application supports the quick decision of the building authorities

You already have the design of your conservatory in front of your inner eye and are looking forward to finally realizing it. Understandable, therefore, that waiting times are rather unsettling. In order for the building authority to decide on your application quickly, you should attach all the necessary documents right from the start. So you can save yourself a query and proceed faster with the 3D designing of your conservatory using our Hausplaner software. The following documents are required:

  • an exact outline of your future designing
  • the written consent of your neighbours
  • static report (optional) including design drawing (by the expert)
  • implementation of fire protection and energy saving

Depending on the current capacity utilization of your building authority, it may take between 3 and 12 weeks before you receive a positive or negative response. During this time you should not do any construction work, because only after a permit are you on the safe side.

Designing the conservatory yourself – step by step to the design

An important step in designing your conservatory is the choice of location. Take the time and analyse different places. Be sure to take into account the light, but also the view that the conservatory has to offer. Once you have written down all your wishes and key points, you can get a first impression of what effort is required, what size requirements prevail and what you absolutely need to include in the designing.

Our software offers the possibility for you to add a storey plan of the extension directly to the storey plan of your house, so that you can already admire the overall picture. Vary and play with the different elements to find the ideal position for the conservatory. The intelligent software makes it possible to include the natural course of the sun in the planning.

Once you have finished with the choice of size and location, it´s time to refine the design. A conservatory lives from its glass front, which allows you to enjoy the view of nature. When you create the conservatory design yourself, you can choose from hundreds of different types of glass and window types and choose the design that best reflects your wishes.

Design your own conservatory on your computer – choosing the garden type

Before you integrate the further elementary designs with our software, you must first decide on a conservatory type. It is generally differentiated between two main variants. In principle, cold conservatories can be built more quickly, as there is no need to install heating systems or integrate additional living elements (light, heat).

A residential conservatory, on the other hand, is equipped with a heating system and can therefore be used at any time of the day. In the design and planning of this type, the planning of the heating is one of the basic steps. It may be necessary to finish the wall so that the statics of the house are not changed. You can plan your own warm conservatory, but you should always rely on qualified craftsmen for the construction and implementation. 

Individual or prefabricated construction – an important decision in planning

If you design the conservatory yourself, you can include all your individual wishes in the planning. However, the market is increasingly dominated by prefabricated kits, which are cheap to purchase and minimise labour costs. The disadvantage is that your creative freedom is restricted. You will receive the finished components of your conservatory home and only have to assemble them.

If you have decided that you want to plan your conservatory on your computer, this doesn´t necessarily mean that the budget will explode. Our software allows you to choose from thousands of items and creates a cost overview for you. This way, you know what costs you have to anticipate even before you implement your plan. If you´re over budget, you can quickly reduce spending by changing individual items.

Even if your own conservatory is more expensive than prefabricated construction, it brings you some decisive advantages:

  • you decide for yourself about from, functionality and design
  • the look can be optimally adapted to your home
  • you can better realize your wishes and dreams

At best, you can have your conservatory plan implemented directly by professional staff, here too our software will help you. Once you have completed the planning, you can create a 3D model and make it available to your craftsmen with just a few clicks. The visualized form of your ideas makes it easier for the workers to implement them.

Upgrading of own property by a conservatory

Designing a conservatory yourself is not only a matter of comfort, but also increases the value of the property. the high-quality extension often increases the well-being of the inhabitants drastically. The conservatory offers you the opportunity to enjoy the sunlight and sit outside at any time of the year. Many structural changes, whether extension, conversions or renovations ensure that the basic value of the property increases.

To ensure that the right steps are taken in the construction and designing of your conservatory right from the start, careful pre-planning is essential. The 3D Hausplaner software supports you with numerous functions in all steps, from the mind game to the finished conservatory.

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