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DIY 3D Architect & Home Design Software:
Build the House of your Dreams!

Do you want to fulfill the dream of owning your own home and design your own house? Thus, our 3D Hausplaner software is the right tool for your project! With the home designer, you can plan/ design a house according to your wishes and can also be visualized appealingly, to make your wish come true.

Tip: You can try our home designing software free of charge to get an overview of the features. All functions are available for 3 days. After testing the trial version you can purchase the full version.

Designing a House: plan yourself or let plan?

If you dream of your own home, you surely already have a certain picture in mind. With our software for 3D home designing, you can be creative and try everything without spending money on an architect or planning service.

Planning a house yourself is not easy, but you can already do the preparatory work very well. The whole family can help to determine the living space and room sizes and thus making the first design for the floor plan. Later, the result can be admired in 3D.

The more advanced your initial ideas are, the easier it is for the architect to design your dream house. Working with our 3D Hausplaner thus ensures you individuality and at the same time saves time & money in the planning phase.

What is special about our 3D Hausplaner Software?

We have developed a software in three versions that offers exactly the tools you need when you want to plan and design a project yourself. The planning accuracy is accurate to the millimeter and thus ensures the best results – even for beginners who have never worked with such software before!

The introduction is intuitive thanks to the clearly structured interface and the implementation of numerous Windows commands. Our support team always try hard to help you with tricky questions, otherwise you will also find numerous video tutorials, FAQs and quick instructions on our homepage. We regularly offer live streams to take a closer look at the functionalities and showcase application examples.

In addition, our professional software works on a CAD basis, which has several advantages:

  1. CAD is an industry standard, so construction companies and planners can work directly with your designs.
  2. CAD allows you to plan in 2D and visualize in 3D, to be able to see the results immediately.
  3. Ongoing adjustments are easily possible, changes can be realized afterwards.

How much can a good planning software cost?

The costs of planning software can vary greatly. There are free programs with limited functionality, but also professional software that can cost several thousand euros.

Our software for 3D home designing is available in three different versions. You can choose between the Home version, the Pro version and the Master version. With each level, additional functions are added to help you plan your project. In order to make your decision easier which home planning software you want to use, we have made a detailed comparison of our software. So, you can see at a glance which features are available in which version.

Our 3D Hausplaner Master costs less than 200 € and offers an excellent price-performance ratio. For beginners, we have two leaner software solutions, “Pro” and “Home”, available.

Compared to the total cost of the project you want to build as a builder, the costs for the planning software are rather low. Don’t take a free version that lacks important tools.

But is it worth the cost of a builder planning tool? This is too short-sighted, take a closer look!

The actual costs arise during the planning. For you as a client, the time required represents the biggest cost. The easier the software is to use, the faster the planning progresses.

What makes good planning software?

The quality of a planning/ designing software is not defined by the lowest possible price. Good planning software for builders should have the following criteria:

A good and user-friendly interface should be self-explanatory. After a short introduction, all functions are easy to use. General Windows functions are supported, of course.

Sort your planning/ designing well! They work floor by floor and can lay different components on different foils. This has the advantage to superimpose them or switch them on and off.

Even if you think of only a house, several ideas are optimal to manage in different projects. To avoid any limitations, work with a software that doesn´t limit your project and floors.

You have a specific wall structure or windows and doors that you want to create , store and use yourself – there are parameterizable components for this.

With a good designing software, you can view everything in the top/ elevation view and in 3D. The stairs are an important component in the house. A simple 3D modelling makes it possible to represent them well.

The roof is the lid of the house and a big issue in home designing, on the one hand from the look and on the other also from the possible costs. A correct 3D roof is also essential for the views and perspective.

The designing software is a very good support for the project presentation. However, it is immensely important that all components are precisely dimensioned and displayed in the right dimensions to each other.

An edition where the scale is right is incredibly important! The floor plan is the basis for all further planning. If this is not correct, then all follow-up plans such as facilities etc. are incorrect.

The information about the exact living space is the basis for the basic calculation of the Project. Grants are also linked to a specific living space. Therefore, it is important that the elaboration is always up to date!

Many building regulations contain provisions on how the distances to the neighbour must be or how many square meters can be built. For this case, there is the optimal terrain modelling and the garden/ surrounding can also be designed the same.

The floor plan is the basis for the subsequent furnishing. To capture and check the dimensions, 2D setup symbols are the best solution. They are quickly adjusted and placed.

To get a better imagine of the furnishings and the furniture in the second step, 3D objects are available. Place your furniture in the room and view your floor plan in a 3D representation.

For a 3D house, which is entered as a floor plan in the top view, parameters e.g., the window representation are stored. By creating an automatic view, you can view all sides of the house.

The 3D perspective should always be present during the planning or the collection of ideas. A final visualization and shadow calculation gives you a photorealistic impression and should be a model and not just a picture.

An important criterion for the 3D home designer software is the dimensionally accurate input and output. As a planning office, we often get plans, from builders, that do not match the living space or the dimensions. A common source of error is that the free programs do not consider the wall thicknesses. This shows the client a wrong impression of his planning and can have far-reaching consequences.
Your benefit: Our 3D Hausplaner Master Software fulfils all these points. It is therefore the complete tool for your planning – and at an unbeatable price!

Support and Specialist Staff are beneficial

Another important topic is the support of our builders when working with the designing software. How often is a software or another program bought on the internet and if there is a problem you get no real support? Sometimes the problems start with the installation. Especially if you want to start with the program, you need a quick and uncomplicated installation support!
With our special software for construction planning, you are really cared for by professional staff! We are not only IT-specialists, but also planning specialists. As planning specialists, we can quickly think about your project and support you immediately.
We always try hard to answer small, short questions or questions about installation quickly and reliably without additional costs. Good documentation and familiarization aids are available to you and will always be expanded according to your wishes.
You want competent, fast and detailed help with your project? We provide you this professional help. Our support ticket and the online training courses for a very reasonable price allow the best support.

Planning house construction: How do I safe costs?

The purchase of our 3D Hausplaner software for the early phase of your home designing makes sense for many reasons, in order to be able to plan your project professionally right from the start to save costs.

  1. You will receive a software of the highest level with numerous professional tools, so that you can plan your house realistically and with millimetre accuracy yourself
  2. Choose between three versions that fits to your requirements. Our Master version is used by professional home designers who use it to do 2D and 3D drawings for customer projects.
  3. The quick familiarization and intuitive operation save you a lot of time in the realization of your ideas – your time is the real investment!
  4. The architect or planner can work directly with your data, you save a lot of money and can also ensure that your individual wishes are considered. With a 3D visualization you can express your wishes in a better way than just verbally.
  5. Further costs can be saved by presenting the drafts to the building control department and obtaining a building permit. The integration of your existing furniture is also possible, so you can have a better look if new purchases are necessary or not.

NEW! You can fully test our professional software for free and familiarize yourself with the user-friendly interface. What are you waiting for?

Planning a house as a Design: What needs to be considered?

The property

In the first phase, it is important to find the right plot of land on which the home designing/ planning is based. Different ways can be chosen when searching for a property. About the municipality e. g. as a building land security model, through real estate agents or even the purchase of private property. It is always to be observed when buying land, what specifications has the development plan.

An accurate view of the information is essential before the purchase is completed. The development should also be checked beforehand, because subsequent development may result in significant additional costs. The location and possibility of access and the statement about the costs of the property acquisition tax complete the information about the property.

The Preparation

There are a lot of questions at the beginning of a project:

  • What type of house? (Single Family House, Bungalow, Duplex House)
  • What method of construction? (Solid construction Houses, Prefabricated House, Timber House)
  • What energy standard? (Constructional measures, heating, building system)
  • What furnishings for the home (window, door, façade, floor covering)
  • Which construction partner (Architect, Prefab Company, Master Builder, Building Constructor)

The better you prepare the points above, the better and more exact you can introduce the following steps. Nevertheless, you don´t have to tie up currently. A plan which isn´t producer based, offers a lot of possibilities.

Design Planning

A good design planning is the best base to make your wish come true. A design needs time. Often there are a lot of thoughts and talks necessary, that you are possible to create the perfect home for your own desire.
It is getting easier if you decide to take a prefabricated house. There are ready-made plans available, and you just have to adapt your ideas to the plan. Individual designing/ planning offers more possibilities. Thus, every builder must find the right solution for himself.

3D Model or 2D Plan

The question often arises, if simple plans in 2D not sufficient? Many builders are not sure what is needed and think only 2D plans are necessary for the authorities at the department. But it´s more than just making plans! It´s about your home! Using a 3D model is the best way to support the builder’s imagination.
In a discussion with your planner, the rooms get examine and on the basis of 3D furnishing dimensions get discussed and shown to get an exactly designing. Meanwhile there are good 3D designing programs, where you can read in plan files. Thus, a lot of builders can have a closer look at their house model at home.

A Tip from DieHausplaner to you: Take your time for a good design planning and it should be well thought out. All what you take into consideration in the first planning step you will save money and time in the following steps. 

The Price Offer

At a prefabricated house the house is already calculated in the different stages of development. More or less costs can be possible on the basis of plan changes or equipment variants. For all other price offers for your project you need a significant design plan.

Only if the Design is already well thought-out and the plans for the building control department can get drawn, you will get a good liability of the price offers. In this case an exact design plan is necessary, where all wishes of the builders had been considered, to get an exact calculation for the project. The costs for the design planning can be different.

At prefab companies the costs for design planning are included – a architect house can cost up to 8000 €. Free planning services are found in the middle for a normal single family-house. The costs for the approval of building plans is based on the design, the time of changes and the producing of the whole plan and get calculated individually.

The Approval Plan

The approval plan for the department get produced on the base of the design plan. Before finishing the plans, it is useful, to introduce the plans at the department, to avoid any difficulties or later unforeseeable changes.
The location and elevation plan of the survey office is indispensable for the planning of the permit. Conditions, which are specified in the building regulations and the development plan, are also taken into account and drawn up. Floor plans, views, 1:100 scale sections and the site plan must be submitted together with a meaningful building description. After successful construction negotiations and the declaration of consent of all neighbors, a building permit is issued.

The construction project can finally start and your dream becomes a reality!

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