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Garden designing with the 3D Hausplaner software

The oasis of tranquillity, the source of nature – there are many names that would be worthy of an ideal garden. In fact, a well-kept garden design can add value to your property. Nature is huge, it can take care of the design itself with its wild growth, but with optimised garden designing you can combine your desires with nature. 

The 3D Hausplaner software helps you to plan your garden yourself, integrating all your ideas and benefiting from economic advantages.


Design the garden on your computer – that works for all garden types

Roughly divided, there are three types of gardens, including utility gardens. Especially if your property is located directly next to the property, the ornamental garden is the most frequently granted garden form. But also the combination of different garden types is not uncommon. A piece of nature, a usable area, but also a decorative corner that invites you to linger and enjoy – there are no limits to your creativity. The beauty of this is that with our innovative and easy-to-use software you can design your garden yourself and see for yourself what best reflects your personal taste.

Garden design taking into account the current situation

If you want to design a garden on your computer, you own a plot of land. Decisive for designing is the current condition. Before you work with our software, you should make an exact size determination of your property. Please note that you do not disregard fixed elements. Make a drawing that captures not only size, but also elements. 

These includes:

  • Electricity distributors and boxes
  • non-movable walls
  • created terraces and paths
  • garden huts and houses
  • preservable trees
  • created ponds

When you design your garden yourself, you need an overview of which elements are to be preserved and which need to be given way. If you plan to cut down certain trees, you don´t have to take them into account when drawing the storey plan. The result of your virtual designing will then show you the picture of what can be achieved after removing various elements.

Properties of your garden crucial for further designing

If you want to decide on a particular type of garden, you should find out the suitability of your garden before creating your individual design. Whether it is a utility garden or an ornamental garden, plants play a major role in almost every green space and your requirements must be met. A soil analysis helps you to design your own garden while taking individual circumstances into account.

Identify the areas of the garden that are suitable for plant cultivation and limit those soils that offer poor growing conditions. The analysis of the sun course is also part of your individual garden designing on the computer. Some plants can only grow in sunny areas, while other hedges, shrubs and perennials are necessarily dependent on shade.

The first steps in garden designing – the pre-planning

After you have analysed the actual condition of your property, a preliminary draft is recommended. Let your imagination run wild and start by listing all your visions. You are allowed to dream and like to compile a wish list together with the family, which is later reduced to the designed areas. With the 3D Hausplaner you can first put all your wishes into the picture and then decide where reality and fantasy can intersect.

At the end of the preliminary planning is your first basic concept with all the elements you want to implement for your individual garden design. The next step is the details!

Concrete garden planning on your own at the computer

After you have created a basic concept via the preliminary planning, you can now venture to the exact details. Now it is no longer just about the design of individual elements, but about the planned workload, the resulting costs and the required materials.

In this step, you can work budget-oriented and select individual working materials for each individual element. Adapt construction projects to your budget and focus on carport, shed, garden hut or garden pond – according to your individual designing.

Once you have completed your detailed garden design, you will have an overview of future measure and costs. Now you can decide whether you are satisfied with the designing or whether you want to modify, optimize and adapt individual elements. The simple operation of the Hausplaner software makes it possible for you to change an existing plan at any time.

Creating a 3D model for visualization

Before you put all your plans into practice, you should look at your future garden with the help of a 3D model or a corresponding drawing. A garden architect will be happy to help you create a drawing. However, you also have the option to create your own 3D model with the help of the appropriate software. Numerous video tutorials will help you quickly with the implementation and will be able to put your garden into plastic shape even without architectural knowledge.

Thanks to a 3D model, you can let your new garden influence you. The visualization helps you to identify subtleties and to check again in the last step whether you are really satisfied with the implementation in practice. Before the first stone is placed in the garden, you can make further changes at any time. The aim is to allow you to enter your dream garden at the end, which corresponds exactly to your wishes and ideas.

More tips & tricks for your individual garden designing

Before you start any renovation work, you need to find out about legal issues. Some measures may require a building permit, including larger garden huts, but also pond facilities. If these are needed, please contact the building authority responsible for you before starting the construction work. Here you can also get information if you are unsure about the regulations at your place of residence.

If you have extensive technical drawing skills, millimetre paper and pencil are sufficient. You can also do your entire garden design with our Hausplaner software. This gives you the opportunity to integrate all elements, fantasies and desires into your designing and to create a 2D or 3D model, which lets you move visually through your new garden. Professional garden design is thus also possible on your computer.

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