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Plan the carport yourself in 3D – it is so simple

On your property is enough space and your desire is to build a carport? You don´t need any prior knowledge. Our innovatively operable 3D Hausplaner software support you to make your dreams come true.

Thanks to the ease of use and the variety of tutorials and videos, you don´t need any knowledge and can still create a high-quality 3D model. This serves as a valuable help for your craftsmen, who have a direct view of what is to be implemented for you when creating the carport.


Design the carport yourself – integrate the surrounding area

The carport is built on a plot of land, which in most cases is already provided with fixed objects. To avoid making mistakes in designing, you therefore need a solid and accurate floor plan, which is also crucial for submission to the building authority.

Make a note of all relevant items and objects before entering them into the software. In a short time, you can create such a 2D model, which gives you an overview of the designing. Is the spot right? Is there enough distance to the neighboring property? Have all regulatory requirements been met?

The walk to the authority: obtain permit before designing

You don´t need a permit for all carports. The building regulations generally provide for an individual specification regarding the construction. It is also crucial to what size you want to design a carport yourself. Often construction up to a certain size is possible without a permit.

Before you start with your carport designing, you should re-insure yourself. If you are unsure, you should check with the local building authority to avoid having to pay for demolition. As soon as the building authority has given its consent or no permit is required, you can start planning.

Sketching a rough plan – what kind of model can it be

With our 3D software you can easily plan your carport yourself, but before you go into practical designing, you need to consider some basic conditions. There are not only different types of materials, but also the possibility to integrate special elements, such as photovoltaic systems. Determine in advance how much the available budget is, so you know the individual room for manoeuvre when planning. You can choose from the following types of carports:

Choice of construction: With a carport you can choose between a free-standing version and a version integrated into the house. If an existing building is rebuilt, this may affect a building permit that may be required. Freestanding carports are generally easier to build but require more space.

The choice of material: The most economical material for a carport is wood, but the right quality must be chosen. Inferior wood can hardly withstand the weather conditions and runs the risk of quickly developing an unsightly patina. On the other hand, aluminium carports are popular because they are not only lightweight, but also extremely robust and weatherproof. Another material is steel, also very solid but heavier in total weight.

The choice of the roof: The most carport roofs are flat, but with our software you can try different versions and can have a look if an extravagant model would be better. If there is enough space, a saddle roof or an arched roof can be considered. Another possibility would be to make the original roof longer to integrate an open carport.

The choice of the correct size: The most used carport offers enough space for one car in traditional high, but you can also design a carport for two cars. If you want to put in a transporter or a caravan, a higher carport construction is needed. First take the correct measure of the highest point of your vehicle, that you don´t get any difficulties during building.

Design the carport yourself and start with the outline

Before you do the arrangement for the carport, you should start with the outline of the desired building type. Our software offers the possibility without any problems, just use the survey map of the surrounding area and draw the desired form. Thanks to the 3D function you can visualize your construction at every time and see, if the designed object will influence the illuminance or if the property gets negative influenced by the object.

If you don´t like the created plan or recognize the necessity of an optimization, use the delete function and restart your designing of the carport as often as you want with our Hausplaner software, until you are happy. This is a big advantage compared with graph paper and pencil. Instead of deleting predetermined lines, you can do changes by some clicks and always do a new 3D visualization on your plans.

Practical and decorative – the carport can be more than just useful!

Mostly the quality of the carport get underestimate. The main purpose is to save the car, but thus it is not necessary to be an optical impact for your property. That there is a harmoniously overall picture, you have to take care of the matching design. A modern designer house is not optimally represented with the addition of a wooden carport, while a cosy wooden house with an aluminium model can be visually reduced.

By applying different design options and re-visiting your model repeatedly, you can see the harmony between house, property and carport. If your finished construction doesn´t meet your optical requirements, you will usually demolish it. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity to find out which design suits you even before construction. You can incorporate all your wishes and build a carport that is not only practical but also attractive to look at.

DIY or craftsmen: The choice is up to you!

Theoretically, you can build the carport yourself, assuming craftsmanship. You have to bear in mind that structural defects often have to be compensated for at a cost. Therefore, if you are unsure and don´t dare to build your own, you can rely on the help of professionals. 

With your previously created 3D model, you can visually show the craftsmen what your wishes and requirements are. So, you actually get the optimal carport that meets all your needs. Always consider the static feasibility and ask an expert if in doubt.

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