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Plan your garage yourself in 3D – for the perfect design

You as a driver know how important the safety of your car is. A garage on your own property offers you a safe parking space, regardless of the traffic volume and the parking situation in your surroundings.

With our 3D Hausplaner software you can design your own garage on your computer. Read now how you can easily and efficiently integrate our software into all planning steps and implement your desired design.


Constructions in 2D and 3D – easy to design

For the design of your own garage, it is important to implement the surrounding of your property in detail in the planning. To display the surrounding directly, you can use our software like an image file. You can also use the 3D mode to make your own visualization. Whether house, terrace, landscape path or pond – all non-movable elements can be easily imported and reflect the surrounding photo realistically.

The 2D mode of our intelligent software helps you to create your own storey plan without prior experience. You only need the dimensions of the environment and have to transfer them to the planner tool. Visualize your storey plan and personal designing in 3D to take a tour in real time at any time. 

One of the special features of the program is the ability to integrate the sunshine patterns, time of day and influencing elements to present a realistic representation of your garage designing.

Design your own garage – also works without an architect

If you want to build your dream home, you usually don´t get along without the help of a professional. You can easily build your own garage if you have basic knowledge of craftsmanship. The key to a perfect result is a careful pre-designing. Planning down to the smallest detail, you can purchase the right material and then start building yourself.

The advantages are obviously:

  • you decide the pace
  • you save money by building yourself
  • the individual planning takes care of your wishes
  • you can create models, nobody else has

One of the biggest annoyances are errors that occur during garage construction or only appear after completion. The hand-drawn plan is therefore often insufficient include all possible circumstances in designing. A repair is associated with high costs for you, but careful designing with our software can avoid these costs.

Building or buying – the crucial question when designing a garage

For most drivers, a garage is important additional building on their own property, but one question arises at the beginning of the designing. Should it be a prefabricated garage that only needs to be assembled from individual elements or is it desired to build your own garage? A prefabricated model saves a lot of time, because within a few days your desired garage is already on site.

A bricked garage, on the other hand, requires a lot more time; the drying phase of the individual steps is a decisive criterion here. In addition, you have to pay attention to the weather conditions. Self-construction is only possible if you are not suddenly surprised by heavy rain. In autumn and winter, it is almost impossible to build your own garage.

The garage, which you designed and built yourself, has the advantage of longevity. You need more time, have more effort, but then you have a model, which is clearly different from a prefabricated garage. Self-construction is more robust, long-term and more individual. Making the decision therefore means to take care of the personal “pros and cons”.

The most common types of garages for your own property

There is not “the one garage”, but a large selection of different models that can be designed according to your wishes. If you use our 3D Hausplaner software to design your own garage, you must decide which type is suitable for you.

The 5 most common types are:

  • The single garage: it is the classic model, which is almost taken as a parking space for your own car and offers a small area of additional storage space. Individual garages are offered in a variety of finishes as a prefabricated model but can also be designed and built on your own with little effort.
  • The double garage: if you have at least two vehicles, a double garage, depending on the space, is a good choice. You decide whether it is a model with a double door or two separately accessible garages in one building. With our designing software you can design and create different models.
  • The open-plan garage: a garage can be more than just a parking space for a car. Whether it´s a party location or a parking space for large equipment, whether it´s a workroom or a fitness centre – an open-plan garage offers you a parking space for your car on the one hand, but on the other hand additional space that you can use according to your personal needs.
  • The row garage: row garages are always available if you need parking space for several cars. These are separate individual garages, which were built in a network. This type is well suited for the design of company car parks or parking spaces of tenement houses.
  • The high-rise garage: As a motorhome owner, you need a garage that offers enough space for your vehicle. The body isn´t only wider, but above all taller, so high-rise garages have to be carefully planned. In this case it is also possible to choose prefabricated models, but you can also build the garage yourself.

Saving costs through efficient designing and construction

Building you own garage involves expenses that you can minimize in several ways. Use our 2D and 3D software to easily design your garage on your computer. You can save yourself the costs of a professional draftsman and experience first hand how individual construction steps change the appearance of your plot.

The crucial question is whether it should be a prefabricated model or whether you want to build your garage yourself. The latter is usually associated with higher costs, prefab models in simple design are already available for less than € 10.000,-. Nevertheless, it may be useful, especially for homeowners whose permanent residence will remain their own property, to invest the costs in their own construction. A high-quality brick garage enhances the property not only visually, but also in its financial value.

Simply use our 3D Hausplaner to design the various options and view them in live mode. It´s fun to watch your dreams slowly unfold on the screen!

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