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Planning House Constructions: First Steps to your new Home!

So that an architect or construction company exactly knows what your ideas for your new home are, a 3D home designing software is very helpful. We offer the 3D Hausplaner in three versions for different requirements and offer you the opportunity to test the Master version.

This allows you to “run off” without any prior knowledge, implement your ideas with just a few clicks and plan the first draft yourself. Then in the second step you can still find a partner who will build on your preliminary work and plan the project professionally.

Architect House vs. Prefabricated House: What is better?

Those who want peace and quiet can opt for a turnkey house. Either you hire an architect or choose a prefabricated house, which is not very individual, but will be available shortly.

While the customization options for a prefabricated house are often very manageable, an architect’s house you can usually have a very good influence on how the house of your dreams should look in the end. However, an architect also gets paid for his services.

In this chase it can be very helpful to enter into a joint agreement with a 2D or better still a 3D model, in order not to have to start from zero. Contacting a prefabricated house manufacturer can also be useful on this basis. If the model is very similar to a prefabricated house variant offered, this option may well be considered.

These other Factors must be considered when planning your Home

It’s not enough to just create a 3D model of your dream and get lost in the virtual dream worlds. If you are serious about moving forward with home designing, you will also need to take care of the following aspects:

  • Material
  • Construction
  • Roof shape
  • Wall design
  • Insulation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Legal aspects
  • etc.

As a layman, you won’t get anywhere. However, the better your preparatory work was, the better, faster and more cost-efficient the second phase of construction planning can be carried out.

By using our 3D Hausplaner software, you can take the first right steps to prevent planning from going in the wrong direction. This not only saves time and money but is also fun!

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