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3D Hausplaner Software Pro

 99,00 VAT included.

Includes 20% MwSt.

The Pro version of our 3D house planning software helps you with the exact visualization of your dream home. Easy to use without prior knowledge!


  • Additional 2D elements
  • Export of 3D objects and images
  • Background brush
  • Unlimited project size and number of projects
  • 3D building modeling
  • Simultaneous work in 2D and 3D
  • Real-time shadow visualizations
  • Modern CAD software for private users


Information about the 3D house planning software (Pro Version)

Our 3D House Planner Pro version is the right choice for everyone who wants a particularly easy-to-use 3D CAD program that can be used to visualize your dream home.

This cost-effective house planning software is just as suitable for private users as it is for people who have to quickly create 3D models in their everyday work. With the help of this slim yet feature-rich software, you have the right solution at hand.

Just a few clicks of the mouse are enough to create a realistic 3D building model with the Pro version of our house planner software. The following features are covered by this modern program:

Discover all the advantages of our 3D house planning software (Pro Version) now!

Who should buy this 3D drawing software for house planning?

Professional CAD software is primarily aimed at architects and is often either too difficult to use or simply too expensive for private users. If you don’t want to use complex tools every day, but above all want to let your creativity run free, the Pro version of the 3D house planner software is the best choice.

The authentic 3D modeling of your dream home can be put into practice without any prior knowledge. Many different target groups who have already had very good experiences with our 3D planning software benefit from this:

  • private builders
  • commercial property developers
  • Real estate agent

The appealing 3D models, which can easily be exported via PDF, are ideally suited, for example, to commission an architect on this basis. The details may still have to be taken over by a professional, but with our software you will come a decisive step closer to the home of your dreams.

Our 3D architecture software can do that

Get to know our 3D House Planner Pro even better by watching the following video. From the creation of a new project to the export 3D view, we have recorded all the essential steps.

Our architecture software has a particularly easy-to-use user interface that enables you to implement your own ideas and plan them at a high level, even without any expertise in the operation of 3D CAD software.

Details on all functions of the 3D CAD software

Get to know our smart 3D House Planner Pro software even better now. In the following we present all features again in detail and explain which numerous functions are available to you.


Intuitive user interface

Anyone who is familiar with the Windows interface and can use Office programs will find their way around our 3D house planner software particularly quickly. Our interface and the commands are very well structured and the processes for different components are always the same.

Unlimited projects

You can save your projects in any location, it doesn’t matter how many projects you draw, they have an unlimited number and the program always stays at the same speed.

Automatic layer assignment

As a professional CAD, the 3D house planner has layer management. In addition to creating new layers, there is an automatic assignment when planning the house. This means that the user does not need to worry about whether the wall or the window is drawn on the correct layer.

Unrestricted input of floor plans with millimeter precision

The floor plans can be created completely freely when planning the house with the help of our construction tools. There is no grid limit or size limit. From a room to a residential complex, everything is possible. As usual with a professional CAD, the input and output is accurate to the millimeter.

3D floor management


The user only needs to take care of entering the 3rd dimension (height of the walls, ceilings, floors) once – in our storey management, entry of storey heights is clear and very easy. The best thing is: if the heights of the storey change, the heights of all affected components also change automatically.

Unlimited 3D components (can be changed or created yourself)

A comprehensive component catalog is available. But if that’s not enough, just define your components yourself and save them in your own catalogs. To make everything very easy.

Editing of project data

Project data can be entered in detail, such as client, address, planner and the like.

Import & Export

Import and export images

In our Pro version it is possible to import image files, these can be stored in the planning or simply inserted on the plan. The plan itself or the 3D visualization can also be exported as an image in common image file formats.

Export as X3D or VRML

An export of the house planning in the above-mentioned 3D formats is possible, so the project can be read in and further processed in other programs that use these interfaces.

3D Components

Automatic floors and ceilings

as soon as the first walls enclose a room, the corresponding floor and ceiling are created. The thicknesses for these components are to be defined in the storey settings. If the height changes, these components are automatically adjusted.

Automatic rooms


If the walls enclose a room, the room is recognized immediately and the m2 for the room area are available as information. As soon as a wall is moved, the rooms and also the m2 are updated.

Variable windows and doors


Our components windows and doors have a very large component catalog to offer. Each component can be changed and saved again permanently. Thus, the user can create his own components very well.

Automatic stairs


There is almost nothing that cannot be found on the stairs. All stair shapes can be constructed and the nice thing about it: The stairs are calculated automatically so that the tread widths and the incline heights always have meaningful values. Of course, the values can then still be changed and adapted.

Automatic roofs


A 3D roof also at the push of a button? This is not a problem in our 3D house planner. The roof intersections are fully automatic and the roof can be changed at any time. Whether hipped roof, saddle roof or complicated roof shapes, everything is possible. And of course the walls intersect under the roof.

2D elements in construction mode

If a 3D floor plan is to be supplemented as a drawing, for example, 2D drawing elements such as lines, polygons and circles are required. These 2D elements are available in the construction.

Planning aids

Online dimensions


Our online dimensions are unique – simply click on a component such as a window or door in the construction or in 3D and all the important dimensions appear. Just move the mouse over it and click on it and change who the pen is displayed.

Planning aids such as coordinate trackers, auxiliary lines, grids, etc.

So that the planning of the walls in the floor plan succeeds, there is very good help in the 3D house planner. With the coordinate tracker you can determine the direction of the wall with the mouse and simply enter the length using the keyboard. Auxiliary lines can of course also be set with a spacing.

Editing functions

A wall or a window should be moved later? Walls are shortened or lengthened? Or components and objects are to be copied. Everything can be done with our extensive editing functions.

Different representations in the floor plan

In our Pro version, fillings, hatching and line widths can be hidden, this has an advantage when designing that you can see and edit the planning very precisely and find existing snap points easily.

Texts and dimensions



Dimensioning elements are of course available in the construction view. These can be individually designed and saved from the optics (text height and dimension lines).

Extended dimensioning functions

In addition to the expansion of the dimensioning types (e.g. route dimensioning), it is possible to edit the dimensioning and also to save it as a separate standard.


Of course, texts are available as individual texts and text blocks in the planning.

Catalogs and textures

Extensive texture catalog

Change surfaces inside and outside? Simply drag and drop the desired surface from the texture catalog into the plan. The software automatically recognizes entire rooms or the external geometry of the house.

Comprehensive object catalog

Do you want to furnish your apartment or house? Or maybe the garden or the surrounding area needs to be designed? Use our extensive catalog of objects from kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms to watering cans for the garden – there are a lot of objects available.

3D mode / visualization



Looking at the house inside or outside in 3D is wonderful in our 3D representation. Our quick shadow calculation in 3D mode helps for great visualization.

Real-time shadow

Once the shadows have been calculated, you can continue working on the project without any problems and the shadows remain on the model. This eliminates annoying calculation times and the model always retains the shadow calculation even when switching to construction mode.

Light sources

In addition to the lighting settings for sunlight, additional light sources can be used. So a light source in the outdoor area and of course also for the interior design, each object can be assigned a light source.

Background brush

If a background is inserted as an image, surfaces can be included in the planning with the background brush.

Issues / printing

The planning can be printed out at any time

Floor plans and 3D views can easily be printed out at any time. Of course, the floor plan remains true to the scale. The paper format can also be selected as desired.

Print as PDF

In addition to the general print functions, the planning or the 3D view can be printed out as a PDF directly from the 3D house planner pro.

For further functions see version comparison


The house planner – the solution for the successful implementation of your projects!
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