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3D Home Designer Software: Modern DIY House Planning Software to make your Dreams come true!

Plan and visualize your project with our professional 3D CAD Software “Der Hausplaner” quick, accurate to size and in a photorealistic quality.

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The 3D Hausplaner

Professional Planning & Design

The 3D Hausplaner is a modern 3D CAD architecture software with a user-friendly interface. Our home designing software convinces by intuitive operations and has numerous professional tools for meaningful results.

3D Hausplaner Home

Our Home version is full of possibilities to implement your own creative ideas realistically. The best way to start your dream in 3D home designing! After a short training period your ideas will come true and it is the best way for the first planning phase and ideation. A lot of possibilities for small money.

3D Hausplaner Pro

Our Pro version offers more features (e.g. 2D elements, light sources & cameras). The numerous export functions are particularly practical. Your professionally planned projects can be shared in high-resolution quality for versatile use. The medium sized solution for private users.

3D Hausplaner Master

Our Master version offers comprehensive features for professional planning of the house and surroundings. With the 3D terrain modeling, the creation of Sections and Elevation Views and the Import and Export of DXF / DWG files. This is really the most complete package. Ideal for privates, real estate agents and architects.

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The Hausplaner

Our offer: 3D Software, Planning service & Assistance

In addition to the 3D Hausplaner software in different versions, our offer also includes a Planning Service by our competent team. Video-tutorials around our designing program also help all those who would like to plan/ design their own home.

3D CAD Software

3D CAD planning software for private and commercial customers at a very affordable price. Intuitive training and brilliant results.

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Planning service

Use the Planning Service to realize your desired home together with us.
Have a plan designed and visualized for you.

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Video tutorials

Product videos for the 3D Hausplaner, instructions for software operation for quick familiarization, tips + tricks for great results.

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The 3D Hausplaner

Convincing features

The 3D Hausplaner is a modern, intuitive 3D CAD designing and planning software, which convinces by fast familiarization, good operation and brilliant results. Below you will find 8 highlights of the CAD software

Ribbon –Interface

Hausplaner’s Ribbon-Interface organises the tools in a logical and orderly manner, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the software immediately.

Modern Standard

Our software is a 64 bit software solution with full support of 4K technology. Double percision during design results in dimensional accuracy.

Automatic Dimensions / Components

The automatic dimensioning gives control for the planning at every single planning step. Ceilings and floors are generated for each floor & always adapt to the heights.

Construction Aids

Simply enter components correctly with the coordinate tool. Online dimensions allow fast changes in 2D and 3D. Points and grids are used.

Visualization and Real-time shadows

An appealing 3D Visualization can be created very quickly with the 3D Hausplaner. Real-time shadow calculation allows you to always use the 3D model with shadows.

Libraries of Objects and Materials

To create a home atmosphere the design needs to be furnished with appropriate materials, thus be effective when presenting it to the client.


Interactive dimensions for rooms help with rapid floor plan changes. Simply click on the dimension and the correct side, enter the new dimension and you’re done. The walls move automatically.

Show Houses

Ready-made projects can be found in every 3D Hausplaner Version. The Show House can easily be opened, changed as required and save it as a new project.

The 3D Hausplaner

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