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Design the terrace yourself – on your own computer without prior knowledge

The terrace is an important part of the house because it brings together outdoor and indoor areas. Whether for a barbecue with the whole family or for a relaxing sunbath – a terrace has many advantages and leaves you free to design.

Create your individual plan for the implementation of the terrace with our 3D Hausplaner software and make sure that your wishes are not neglected You don´t need any prior knowledge to design the terrace yourself and can pass on your 3D modelling directly to the implementing craftsmen.


Design the terrace yourself – more than just a piece of nature

A terrace is often mistakenly regarded as a square open space with no particularities. This small piece of freedom offers countless design possibilities, from simple square terraces to complex designs that can be integrated into an existing garden.

Our software makes it possible for you to plan the terrace yourself while relying on full individuality. Decide for yourself which material is used, which special features you want to implement and what needs to be taken into consideration.

You are always able to work parallel in 2D and 3D modes to make it easier for you to implement your project. Make your wishes come true without investing money in architects or other planning services. Change your building plan repeatedly until all your individual wishes are taken into account and fulfilled.

Design the terrace yourself and consider the house

Even if the house and the terrace are shown as two separated areas, they have to be harmoniously. Before you start designing your terrace, take a look to the overall picture. Basic condition is an available area, where you can make your terrace dream come true. Maybe there are more than one option for your wishes and therefore our software will support you.

You can´t decide whether the terrace fits the better on the north side or on the south side of the house? Visualize both possibilities as a 3D model and start a virtual walk-in, to get a better overview. The same time you can take the weather conditions into account in your plan.

While a north terrace spending more shade, the south terrace is a source for sun. Even therefore it depends on your wishes and needs. With our software you can exactly simulate what course of the sun you will expect and how your place of the terrace gets influenced.

Exact designing when building a terrace – there are many items you have to take into consideration

To design the terrace yourself means, that all wishes and needs of all family members of the house must taken into account. Ask the whole family and fix what the demands for the future terrace are. Should it be a smaller model what doesn´t claim the green area to much? Or you want to build a large terrace and you are ready to reduce the green space therefore? Once you end the space planning you can create the ground-plan with our software in just a few steps.

Are you unsure about the size of planning, maybe the following questions can help to make your decision:

  • The number of users: think about how many people will actually use the terrace. Also consider visits from neighbors and relatives if they happen more often.
  • The type of usage: will your terrace just be a place for occasional sunbathing, or would you like to have a barbecue evening with your friends or meet for a cosy sit-in?
  • The type of decoration: minimalist or pompous? The planned design of the terrace has an influence on the ideal size. Large decorative objects require a lot of space and simple decorations can also come into effect on a small area.
  • Safety during use: especially if the terrace is also used by small children, safety is paramount. Is the access barrier-free or is there a risk of falling for children? If wheelchairs or strollers need to reach the terrace, planning a ramp is required.
  • The furniture of the terrace: an unbuilt space often looks larger than it is in practice. If you design your own terrace, you should therefore consider future furniture items. Would you like to set up a seating area? Should a certain number of deck chairs be available in addition? Vary with our software when sizing to create the best shape possible.

Plan your terrace yourself visually – this makes the work easier

In your imagination, the terrace has already been built, you can see the perfection of the implementation. However, it is often a big difficulty to communicate your own wishes and plans orally to the craftsman. He can write down measurements and desired materials, but he doesn´t see the individual pictures of your imagination. This is exactly what the 3D Hausplaner software does for you, because here you can incorporate your wishes into a 3D model and design your terrace as a walk-in model.

The CAD software supports you in trying out different variants and making changes at any time if necessary. Even if it sounds like a lot of work at first, designing quickly creates a lot of joy. Let family members help, apply different forms, design together and look forward to a virtual visit on your future terrace.

Design the terrace yourself and protect your budget

When you design your own terrace, you can always pay attention to your personal budget. Few people can simply hire an architect because the result at the end are high costs. Our software makes it possible for you to keep an eye on costs during the designing phase. It is not only a matter of designing the finished terrace with decorations, but also of choosing the right building material.

Whether you choose concrete stone, wood, clinker, gravel, or other substances has a significant impact on pricing. The look is also changed by the choice of the building substance. For accurate designing, visual requirements and available budget must be combined. This works best if you can always change your model and adapt it to our own needs. Construction will only start when you have designed an optimal model for you at the right budget.

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