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Free and Non-Binding TESTING

Free Trial for our 3D Home Designer:
Try now 3 days for free as a Demo!

Would you like to try our home designing software for free? This is completely problem-free and absolutely non-binding. Our 3D Hausplaner Master Version is available for 3 days with the full program as a demo.

Convince yourself of the performance of our 3D CAD planning/designing software. If you want to upgrade your trial version to the full version, you can easily unlock your software via a serial number. All started plans are retained and work can be continued directly.

Request a trial version

Tip: Take a closer look at our Video-Tutorials, Quick Guides and FAQ. Here you will find a lot of help around our home designing software.

Home Designing software test:

Why is there no free full version?

Espacially for private users, students & co a professional software for architects is considerably too expensive. Such programs can quickly cost a few thousand euros and are also difficult to use.

With our products, we have found a solution to offer a 3D planning software for houses at an attractive price. Commercial users as well as private individuals enjoy working with our applications.

The offer of a full 3D Hausplaner version is free of charge but simply not possible, since the development of such a software is very time-consuming and continuous improvement work is being done.

A free home designing software would be severely restricted in its range of functions, which would miss the real purpose – after all, you want to create an appealing project and have access to all the important tools. This can only be done with professionally equipped software that enables precise planning.

Demo version instead of freeware: These are your Benefits

So we decided to provide you with our 3D designing software for home construction in the Master version for 3 days free of charge, instead of developing a slimmed-down light product that has fewer features and is therefore not really applicable.

Test the comprehensive features of our CAD design software for houses. We do not restrict you, as we want you to be able to fully understand the functions of our tool and save and print projects.

By the way: If you don´t like our software, you can simply let the 3-day trial run out without incurring any obligations.

You would like to test the 3D Hausplaner software free of charge as a demo (Master Version)

Enter your name and e-mail address so that we can send you the free and non-binding trial version. After that, you have 3 days of access to the software and can decide wehter you want to puchase it.

    By submitting the contact form, you agree that your data will be used to process your request. You can find further information and recall notices in the data protection declaration.

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