3D Hausplaner Home Edition
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Includes 21% MwSt.


Includes 21% MwSt.

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3D House Planner Software Home


Includes 21% MwSt.

Comprehensive 3D home design software for home users. With our Home Version you can model your living dreams professionally & without prior knowledge on your home computer!

Main features

  • 3D building model and 3D components
  • Projects, floors, layers unlimited
  • work simultaneously in 2D and 3D
  • Visualization and real-time shadows
  • numerous editing functions
  • NEW: 3D House Planner Master 2023


Information about 3D House Planner Software (Home Version)

The dream of your own four walls begins with our 3D house planner software. Whether new construction or remodeling – our modern planning program offers all important tools to start 3D modeling your individual living dreams.

Use the tools provided to create appealing 3D models and let your imagination run wild in the process. The exported 3D file is the perfect template to commission an architect on this basis.

Without any prior knowledge, our 3D planning software creates beautiful and realistic models of your building project. While a professional 3D CAD software for architects can quickly cost several thousand euros, our house planner in the home version already offers you all the features relevant to you:

The affordable 3D drawing software for home users

If you want to realize your individual plans for your own apartment or personal dream house on your home computer, the home version of our 3D house planner software is an excellent choice.

Expensive CAD software for creating 3D models is not suitable for home users who just want to try it out. With our Home Version, we have created the perfect compromise between functionality and cost. Get our versatile software with the ideal price-performance ratio now.

In addition to private builders, the planning software is also suitable for young people who might want to become architects one day and get a taste of the world of house planning.

How to use our 3D architecture software correctly

You do not need any previous knowledge to use our cost-effective 3D architecture software. The particularly intuitively designed user interface gives you a free hand and is nevertheless very logically structured, so that you will already succeed with the first design.

To get to know our 3D house planner Home even better, you can watch the following video. Here we have used an example project to show you step by step how to use the software correctly and achieve the desired results.

Overview & details of all functions of the 3D CAD software

The Home version of our 3D house planner offers a variety of different functions. We will take a detailed look at all the features below and show you which comprehensive tools you can use.


Intuitive user interface

If you are familiar with the Windows interface and can use Office programs, you will quickly find your way around our 3D house planner software. Our interface and commands are very well structured and it is always the same processes for different components.

Unlimited projects

You can save your projects in any place, it doesn’t matter how many projects you draw, you have an unlimited number and the program always stays the same speed.

Automatic layer assignment

Automatic layer assignment Home

As a professional CAD, the 3D house planner has a layer management. Besides the creation of new layers, there is an automatic assignment. Thus, the user does not need to worry about whether the wall or window is drawn on the correct layer.

Unrestricted input of floor plans accurate to the millimeter

The floor plans can be created completely freely using our construction tools. There is neither a grid restriction nor a size restriction. From one room to a residential complex, everything is possible. As usual with professional CAD software, the input and output is accurate to the millimeter.

3D floor management

3D Floor Management-Home

The user needs to enter the 3rd dimension (height of walls, ceilings, floors) only once – in our floor management the floor height input is clear and very simple. The best thing is: when the heights of the floor change, the heights of all affected components also change automatically.

Unlimited 3D parts (changeable or to be created by yourself)

A comprehensive component catalog is available. But if that’s not enough, just define your parts yourself and store them in their own catalogs. All very easy to do.

3D components

Automatic floors and ceilings

Automatic floors and ceilings Home

Once the first walls enclose a room, the associated floor and ceiling are created. The thicknesses for these components are to be defined in the storey settings. When the height changes, these components are automatically adjusted.

Automatic rooms

Automatic rooms home

If the walls enclose a room, then the room is immediately recognized and the m2 for the room area is available as info. As soon as a wall is moved, the rooms and also the m2 are updated.

Variable windows and doors

Variable windows and doors Home

Our components windows and doors have to offer a very large catalog of components. Each component can be changed and also permanently saved again. Thus, the user can create his own components very well.

Automatic stairs

Automatic stairs home

When it comes to stairs, there’s almost nothing that can’t be done. All stair shapes can be designed and the beauty of it is that the stairs are automatically calculated so that the tread widths and the riser heights always get sensible values. Of course, the values can then still be changed and adjusted.

Automatic roofs

A 3D roof at the push of a button? This is not a problem in our 3D CAD software. The roof intersections are fully automatic and the roof can be changed at any time. Whether hipped roof, gable roof or complicated roof shapes, everything is possible. And, of course, the walls intersect under the roof.

Extended dormers

erweterte dormers home

The component dormers is completely revised. You can add any dormers to your roof with just a few clicks. These dormers, like the main roof itself, are to be processed subsequently. Change or move their dormers quickly and accurately measured. Especially in the first draft phase, quick changes are desired and very useful.

Planning aids

Easy Edit
EasyEdit home

With the ‘Easy Edit’ tool, they can click on their room dimensions and change them by simply entering the new dimensions. All without having to move a wall with commands – simply and at the touch of a button! Determine them how the space should change: Center, to the left and to the right. All changes are immediately applied and visible in the 3D model – the revolution in 3D house planning!

Online dimensions

Online mass home

Our online dimensions are unique – simply click on a component such as a window or door in the design or in 3D and all the important dimensions appear. Simply move the mouse over it and when the pencil is displayed, click on it and change it.

Planning aids, such as coordinate trackers, auxiliary lines, grids, etc.

To ensure that the planning of the walls in the floor plan succeeds well, there are very good aids for this in the 3D house planner. With the coordinate tracker, you can determine the direction of the wall with the mouse and simply enter the length using the keyboard. Guides can of course also be set with spacing.

Editing functions

A wall or a window is to be moved subsequently? Walls are shortened or lengthened? Or components and objects are to be copied. All doable with our extensive editing features.

Texts and dimensions


Of course, dimension elements are available in the construction view. These can be completely customized from the look (text height and dimension lines) and saved.


Of course, texts are available as single texts and text blocks in the planning.

Catalogs and textures

Extensive texture catalog

Extensive texture catalog Home

Change surfaces inside and outside? Simply drag and drop the desired surface from the texture catalog into the planning. The CAD software automatically recognizes entire rooms or the exterior geometry of the house.

Extensive object catalog

Extensive object catalog Home

It should be furnished the apartment or house? Or maybe the garden or the surrounding area needs to be landscaped? Use our extensive object catalog from kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms to watering cans for the garden – very many objects are available.

3D mode / visualization


Visualization Home

View the house inside or outside in 3D is wonderful in our 3D representation. For a great visualization our fast shadow calculation in 3D mode helps.

Real-time shadow

Once the shadows are calculated, you can continue to edit the project without any problems and the shadows will remain on the model. This eliminates tedious calculation times and the model always retains the shadow calculation even when switching to construction mode.

Outputs / Print

Printout of the planning possible at any time

Floor plans and 3D views can be easily printed at any time. Of course, the floor plan remains true to scale. The paper format can also be selected as desired.

For more functions see version comparison

The house planner – the solution for the successful implementation of your projects!

Microsoft® Windows®10 (64-bit) and higher


At least Intel Core 5i or AMD Ryzen 5


8 GB RAM or higher

Graphics card

Recommended: Nvidia GTX 1050ti or higher. Normal running: All popular graphics card models

Hard disk

10 GB free hard disk capacity


3 buttons mouse with mouse wheel


Full HD, e.g. 1920 x 1080 pixels or 4K

Technical data

You need internet access to install and activate our software. Please make sure that you are connected to the Internet when downloading the software and when unlocking the software.
Please select the online variant when activating. (addendum)

Scope of delivery

What is delivered?
Immediately after your order you will receive the ordered house planner version via download link and can thus get started right away. Please download the software completely and unzip these files to a folder of your choice.

Then you can start the installation and install the software. You can immediately start working with your software in test mode. Please follow the installation instructions!

After receipt of payment you will receive your license key (serial number). With this you unlock your software permanently. (Please keep this license key in a safe place)

In your customer account, the latest house planner version is available to you at any time.

Frequently asked questions

Can I work in 3D with the Home version?
Our software is a 3D software and it is always drawn in 3D, even if the input is quite simple in the plan view.

The serial number is not recognized after purchase.
When purchasing the Home version, a new software link is included in the order. Please use the
install purchased Home version and enter your serial number there. The Home version is
to be recognized by the color GREEN Please uninstall the demo version Master.

Can I draw 3D furniture in the Home version?
Yes of course, these can also be set in 2D while working simultaneously and viewed or modified in 3D.

Can I print the floor plans from the Home version?
Yes, all floor plans can be printed to scale.

Are there upgrades for the Home version?
If there are improvements or bug fixes, then get an infomail where they can download the new version for free.

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3D Hausplaner Home Edition
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Includes 21% MwSt.



Includes 21% MwSt.