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Includes 21% MwSt.


Includes 21% MwSt.

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Includes 21% MwSt.

Plan with CASCADOS® – accurate, fast and easy!
With CASCADOS® you have an innovative and comprehensive software system at your disposal, which was designed from the very beginning for the specific needs of architecture and planning offices, property developers and prefabricated house manufacturers.

Main features

  • BIM architecture software mm accurate, all scales 2D and 3D
  • 3D parts and advanced free parts for interactive part modeling
  • Data exchange/BIM/IFC, import and export DWG/DXF
  • Terrain modeling, import of surveyor data
  • automatically calculate and post-process sections and views
  • Plan composition in different floor plans
  • Backdrops and 3D bitmaps

Information about the architecture 3D CAD software CASCADOS®.

CASCADOS® offers flexible and efficient tools for integrated and consistent three-dimensional building design. From the 2D drawing, the 3D model with real-time visualization to the quantity and cost calculation, CASCADOS convinces with reliability and quality. The comprehensive CAD system supports you both in the planning of new buildings and in the construction of existing buildings (conversions and extensions, renovations).

CASCADOS® supports you in all planning tasks from design to detailed planning, visualization, area evaluation, mass determination, terrain design, plan compilation.
The operation of CASCADOS® is simple and clearly structured. The appealing design of the clearly arranged user interface guides the user optimally through the work processes and guarantees a quick start or an efficient way of working.

CASCADOS® has a scale-dependent display. Depending on the selected scale, the level of detail of the drawing is refined and enables the correct representation during the transition from the preliminary design to the approval plan to the detailed drawing.

For whom is the 3D architecture CAD CASCADOS® suitable?

Many years of know-how in the field of architecture and visualization have gone into this innovative product. On the market for more than a decade, CASCADOS has not only developed into a BIM-based construction software for all partners involved in the planning, execution and use of a building, but has also established itself as a sales and presentation tool.
All planners who want more than the 3D House Planner Master offers, will find in CASCADOS the crucial extensions and the perfect tool for the complete construction planning.

CASCADOS® is suitable for:

  • Architects
  • Planning offices
  • Draftsman
  • Developer
  • Builder
  • Prefabricated house company

What does the 3D architecture software CASCADOS® have to offer?

Discover how easy it is with CASCADOS to achieve amazing results with minimal effort. Whether in the design, approval or execution planning, you always have an exact overview of your current project status, and can thus communicate perfectly with the client or the individual trades through the interaction of the 2D and 3D data.

The most important functions & advantages of our 3D architecture CAD software CASCADOS® at a glance

CASCADOS® is the ‘big brother’ to our 3D house planner master version and has many important extensions. These extensions are important and very helpful for professional planning. The work is the same for both programs, the project files are compatible with each other. The basic functions of both CAD products are already described in the product DER 3D Hausplaner Master. If you are not familiar with these functions, please have a look at them in detail HERE.In addition, the extended range of functions is described in detail below:

CASCADOS® the extended range of functions:

CASCADOS®: as simple as possible, as complex as necessary!
The complex processes of CAD planning are reduced to clear steps. Flexibility, accuracy and effective control mechanisms make CASCADOS the optimal overall system – whether for design planning, approval and implementation planning, documentation or visualization. New construction, conversions and extensions, refurbishments are not only planned with technical precision, but also mapped in real time through highly efficient visualization


Create and manage multiple buildings

Work within a project with any number of buildings, these can be managed and edited separately.

several buildings

Create automatic layer assignment yourself
Create your layers as you wish and determine which components should always be automatically placed on each layer. This allows them to maintain an overview even in complex planning.

Insert layer set
Insert e.g. for the electrical planning or other special planning sections layer sets, so they manage your sub-areas with one click and the entire project is very clear.

Lock layer permanently
In order to be able to permanently lock layers in the project, they must be decoupled from the actual layer management. This is possible us useful and accidental changes to exclude.

Explorer window disconnect
Use a second screen when editing your projects. Separate the explorer windows and put e.g. the symbols or objects or also the layer management on the other screen. Thus, the entire drawing workspace is always available to them.

Component positioning

Assign position numbers to your components and design your plan accordingly. An evaluation of the positions takes place as desired. In addition to fixed position numbers and , free position numbers can also be assigned.

Position numbers

Master data for components and elements Properties
Each component has master data and properties, these can be freely assigned and are the basis for a good mass determination.

Project explorer for the complete overview, editing and management of the project
Project Explorer is an indispensable tool for their projects. There you can see the entire project structure, check components and view component properties. With the project explorer, changes for the entire project are possible with just one click.

Project Explorer

Free design planes
The construction levels allow working in all inclined planes, Whether sloping glass facades, solar panels or trusses. Work in the plane as you need it at the moment.

Plates and beams in construction planes
These two components can be used in all construction levels. They are additionally available in free planning after insertion on the levels.

Construction levels


IFC import/export (BIM data exchange)
BIM is a standard in data exchange and is fully supported by the IFC interface. A clear project structure before importing allows a detailed selection of the relevant components.

Export Weto (wood construction)
Export the complete building model incl. Roof in the joinery program Weto.
Export SEMA (wood construction)
Export the complete building model incl. Roof via the IFC interface into the SEMA joinery program.


Polygonal walls
Polygonal wall contour incl. Circular arcs. Wall contours can be defined using polygons, similar to 2D elements, and circular arcs can also be defined as polygon segments.


Inclined plates
Construct ramps or other free forms with the slanted plates.

Bars in all levels
Use our component beam for steel halls or use the beam freely in the room. In the free construction levels beams are also an important component.

Polygonal walls

Put them singles. strips or slab foundations as a component and have all the assignments on the model right away.


Rooms can get different levels and be intersected with ceiling tiles

Apartments and automatic room allocation

Work in the multi-family area with apartments, which then again have their own rooms and can be evaluated separately.


3D mode

3D Explorer to manage the complete 3D views
With the 3D Explorer they always have a good overview of the entire visualization of the project. Which textures are in use, which light settings are active or similar. Complete presets can be saved or loaded.

In scenery mode, background images can be inserted, edited and superimposed. Partial images as foregrounds or even your own images can be inserted and used.


Import whole scenes
Scenes in 3D for a project once compiled can be saved and imported into another project.

Measure in 3D
In 3D, distances, heights and areas can be measured on the project.

Direct interface to the rendering program Iray
The project can be directly linked to the rendering program Iray (add-on module). All changes are incorporated into the visualization in Iray.

Terrain mode

Reading in surveyor data
You can read in geometer data from the surveyor. All terrain elevation points are inserted into CasCADos and the original terrain is displayed.

Massive terrain
Display your terrain as a massive terrain and thereby show the elevation exactly in 3D.

Paths, fences and flower beds
Work with fences, paths or beds for optimal garden design.

2D Views

Hide view lines
It is optimal if the section and the views always keep the connection to the 3D model. In CASCADOS this is possible without any problems and also desired. Superfluous view lines are simply hidden or shown.

View lines

Inserting additional views into a view
In an existing view, another view (e.g. a detail) can also be inserted with a different scale.


Complete plan composition
In the Plans mode, formats and contents are defined. On a plan of the desired size, they can place various floor plans, sections and views. Add text fields, text or 2D elements to the plan.

Automatic update of the plans
All changes to the project are automatically applied to the plan.

Plan templates
Plans can be saved as a template and reused in another project.

Plan with views in different scales
On the plan, the plan parts can be displayed in different scales.


General plan
The overview plan makes it possible to show the proof of the exact section placed on the plan for larger projects.

Legends on the plan
Used symbols can be displayed on the plan in different legends as needed.

Multiple printing
Compile all the plans that you want to print and start the multiple printing.


Comprehensible area calculation
Output a comprehensible and automatic area calculation as a printout or PDF file according to all available standards, or export the data to Word or Excel.

Gross floor areas and volumes
When your building model is ready, you can have volumes and gross floor areas determined automatically. Of course, these calculations are comprehensible.

Living space

Mass determination
The exact mass determination is the basis for offers and calculation

Free mass approaches
Use predefined or free formulas for your mass determination and the mass approaches.

Room book
Generate a complete room book at the touch of a button.

Window – and door list
Output an automatic door or window list with images and dimensions.

Window list

Photovoltaic module

Photovoltaics 3D/3D
Solar modules from different manufacturers can be used for 2D/3D planning.Access product catalogs and place the modules on the roof, on the wall or freely in the design. Our design layers are used for this purpose.

Create photovoltaic modules yourself
Create your own catalog of photovoltaic modules. Define the values of the module once and then use them in all further planning.

Photovoltaics evaluation
Evaluations of performance, remuneration and CO2 savings can be generated at the push of a button.


2D elements

Extended construction possibilities
More advanced design tools are available in the 2D functions. Work with labels, which can be provided with reference lines.

Free polygons
The free polygons make it possible to combine routes and arcs with each other, to change them afterwards and to extend them as desired.

Scale symbols
If you use 2D symbols for the floor plan or the view, scale them to the right size beforehand, assign them to a layer or enter a rotation angle.


Automatic wall dimensioning
Automatic wall dimensioning is indispensable for mapping the dimensional chains on the floor plan. All dimensional chains for the walls are available at the push of a button. The dimensions are updated immediately after changes. Nevertheless, the automatic wall dimensioning can also be changed manually.

Pre- and post-texts for dimensions
Add any pre- and post-texts to your dimensions.

Cascados Online Tutorials & Training Videos


Microsoft® Windows®10 (64-bit) and higher


At least Intel Core 5i or AMD Ryzen 5


8 GB RAM or higher

Graphics card

Recommended: Nvidia GTX 1050ti or higher. Normal running: All popular graphics card models

Hard disk

10 GB free hard disk capacity


3 buttons mouse with mouse wheel


Full HD, e.g. 1920 x 1080 pixels or 4K

Technical data

You need internet access to install and activate our software. Please make sure that you are connected to the Internet when downloading the software and when unlocking the software.
Please select the online variant when activating. (addendum)

Scope of delivery

What is delivered?
Immediately after your order you will receive the ordered house planner version via download link and can thus get started right away. Please download the software completely and unzip these files to a folder of your choice.
Then you can start the installation and install the software. You can immediately start working with your software in test mode. Please follow the installation instructions!
After receipt of payment you will receive your license key (serial number). With this you unlock your software permanently. (Please keep this license key in a safe place)
In your customer account, the latest house planner version is available to you at any time.

Frequently asked questions

Can I compile plans in CASCADOS?
Yes CASCODOS has its own mode for plan composition. Any number of plans with any number of views at different scales can be created and assigned to the project .

Is it possible to design in inclined planes?
In CASCADOS there are free design planes, which allow you to design freely in 3D in inclined planes or horizontally.

Does CASCADOS have a comprehensible area and volume calculation?
Areas, volumes are always updated immediately in case of project changes and can be assigned with different parameters.

Can I make a mass determination with CASCADOS?
Yes, a traceable mass determination runs automatically with the 3D building input and serves as a control or is provided for further applications. Free formulas are possible for mass determination.

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Cascados 12



Includes 21% MwSt.



Includes 21% MwSt.